mis-sion-ary (noun): someone who leaves their family for a short time so that others may live with their families for Eternity.

Monday, October 3, 2011


Those pictures that you sent me are legit. Bode is a handsome young lad. He takes after his uncle. And no i'm not talking about derek. haha.
Park city looks way pretty right now. Here the leaves haven't even started to change at all yet. Colorado is just ugly during the fall. It is just
super flat and brown. Nothing special, it actually kind of depressing. The one thing that i do like about here more than i like about utah is in
the winter here it will snow one day and then the next day it will be like 70 degrees and the snow will be melted. But in Utah when it snows,
it is there for like the rest of the winter until april. Haha i can't believe that you are already asking me where i want to go when i get home for
a vacation. that is still 9 months away. But i have been thinking about it haha, my companion is going home in three weeks so give me a break
if i think about a vacation every once in a while. But yeah I think that hawaii or some kind of cruise would be way fun. Something that involves
swimming, would be cool. Its been a while since i have swimmed...
So Conference was dope! way good! We watched the saturday sessions at the Hawkins home and then we watched the Sunday session
at the Berezays home. But there were some dang good talks. The one from the 70, i think his name was Callister or something, but he
gave a way good talk about how the book of mormon compliments the bible. It was like a perfect talk for missionaries, i can't wait to get a hold
of that ensign with that talk. But my favorite talk was in Priesthood Session. Elder Holland got up and laid the smack down. It was probably the
most bold sauce i have ever seen a general authority talk. He talked about missionary work, and he said himself that "We are speaking to you
boldy because you do not listen to us when we speak politely" haha it was amazing. That one will be a classic talk for sure. But overall
conference was good and now i'm sad that i have to wait another 6 months to hear it.
So this week we had a pretty good week. My comp is still kinda bugging me because of how trunky he is. So we had this lesson, with a
girl in the singles ward who is less active..like super less active. She doesn't even know who Jesus Christ is, or who we pray too..yeah that less
active. But Before we started teaching they were talking and they found out that they actually know a couple of the same people from back east so it was kinda cool ya know, to know similar people so i was alright with that but then I was teaching. i saw I because he didn't say a word really. But the spirit was super strong she understood what she needed to do to find out who jesus Christ is, and then he opens his mouth and says...so do you know "this person", oh and do you know "this person". So yeah he totally got her off topic, which bugged me and the member that we brought. But then we brought it back, and then he did it again, and started talking about how we almost got kicked out of byu idaho and he said his conversion story out of nowhere which was weird. SO i dunno,
it is kind of bugging me, all the missionaries that are zone leaders feel for me, and are super sorry for me, but whatever, it is just 3 more weeks.
We have interviews with President Toombs this week, i am probably going to ask him if he is thinking about moving me or not. Cause 6 months in any
area is way long, and i just don't know if i'll be able to do one more transfer in this area. I will be able to do it but, i dont want to haha. I know it sounds selfish but i guess i will just have to deal with whatever happens.
On a brighter note, i am super stoked for this Friday. remember cameron Burris, he was the guy that i taught in arvada a year ago, and was baptized. I called him on the phone the other day and he said the he was getting sealed in the temple this friday. So he invited me to come with him, and i've been saving a temple trip just to go to see this. SO i'm way excited to see this family get sealed. He is by far the most legit guy that i have baptized and has stayed the strongest since he has been baptized. IM PUMPED!
Hey so what ever happened to my package. Did you send it or no. because i ahven't gotten anything. Please let me know, so i don't call the office and ask for a package that isn't there.
Anyways, thats about all i got for the week, It has been super hot here lately, i dont know what your talking about. I'm dying of heat. I'm kind of excited for the fall but yeah not to excited for winter eaither. Anyways, i gotta run, so i love ya and hope you have a good week! CHAO