mis-sion-ary (noun): someone who leaves their family for a short time so that others may live with their families for Eternity.

Monday, October 3, 2011


Those pictures that you sent me are legit. Bode is a handsome young lad. He takes after his uncle. And no i'm not talking about derek. haha.
Park city looks way pretty right now. Here the leaves haven't even started to change at all yet. Colorado is just ugly during the fall. It is just
super flat and brown. Nothing special, it actually kind of depressing. The one thing that i do like about here more than i like about utah is in
the winter here it will snow one day and then the next day it will be like 70 degrees and the snow will be melted. But in Utah when it snows,
it is there for like the rest of the winter until april. Haha i can't believe that you are already asking me where i want to go when i get home for
a vacation. that is still 9 months away. But i have been thinking about it haha, my companion is going home in three weeks so give me a break
if i think about a vacation every once in a while. But yeah I think that hawaii or some kind of cruise would be way fun. Something that involves
swimming, would be cool. Its been a while since i have swimmed...
So Conference was dope! way good! We watched the saturday sessions at the Hawkins home and then we watched the Sunday session
at the Berezays home. But there were some dang good talks. The one from the 70, i think his name was Callister or something, but he
gave a way good talk about how the book of mormon compliments the bible. It was like a perfect talk for missionaries, i can't wait to get a hold
of that ensign with that talk. But my favorite talk was in Priesthood Session. Elder Holland got up and laid the smack down. It was probably the
most bold sauce i have ever seen a general authority talk. He talked about missionary work, and he said himself that "We are speaking to you
boldy because you do not listen to us when we speak politely" haha it was amazing. That one will be a classic talk for sure. But overall
conference was good and now i'm sad that i have to wait another 6 months to hear it.
So this week we had a pretty good week. My comp is still kinda bugging me because of how trunky he is. So we had this lesson, with a
girl in the singles ward who is less active..like super less active. She doesn't even know who Jesus Christ is, or who we pray too..yeah that less
active. But Before we started teaching they were talking and they found out that they actually know a couple of the same people from back east so it was kinda cool ya know, to know similar people so i was alright with that but then I was teaching. i saw I because he didn't say a word really. But the spirit was super strong she understood what she needed to do to find out who jesus Christ is, and then he opens his mouth and says...so do you know "this person", oh and do you know "this person". So yeah he totally got her off topic, which bugged me and the member that we brought. But then we brought it back, and then he did it again, and started talking about how we almost got kicked out of byu idaho and he said his conversion story out of nowhere which was weird. SO i dunno,
it is kind of bugging me, all the missionaries that are zone leaders feel for me, and are super sorry for me, but whatever, it is just 3 more weeks.
We have interviews with President Toombs this week, i am probably going to ask him if he is thinking about moving me or not. Cause 6 months in any
area is way long, and i just don't know if i'll be able to do one more transfer in this area. I will be able to do it but, i dont want to haha. I know it sounds selfish but i guess i will just have to deal with whatever happens.
On a brighter note, i am super stoked for this Friday. remember cameron Burris, he was the guy that i taught in arvada a year ago, and was baptized. I called him on the phone the other day and he said the he was getting sealed in the temple this friday. So he invited me to come with him, and i've been saving a temple trip just to go to see this. SO i'm way excited to see this family get sealed. He is by far the most legit guy that i have baptized and has stayed the strongest since he has been baptized. IM PUMPED!
Hey so what ever happened to my package. Did you send it or no. because i ahven't gotten anything. Please let me know, so i don't call the office and ask for a package that isn't there.
Anyways, thats about all i got for the week, It has been super hot here lately, i dont know what your talking about. I'm dying of heat. I'm kind of excited for the fall but yeah not to excited for winter eaither. Anyways, i gotta run, so i love ya and hope you have a good week! CHAO

Monday, September 26, 2011



That is way cool that Ya'll are in Park City. Hopefully on the Drive up, tyler and them don't get in a wreck, I was actually telling
someone that story about me and derek crashing, the other day. weird. Tell them to wear seatbelts and obey all safety precausions.
Oh yeah by the way I started to say Ya'll, so if i come home and i sound like i served my mission in the south, its because of a
missionary that lives in the south but he kept saying and i kind of caught on...wee i am ashamed.
Young womens president getting the best of you know? already.. dang, who is even in the young womens right now?
I don't remember. Thats cool that you spoke in sacrament. I bet it was good, i bet there were also many tears that were
flowing. haha.. just kidding. But seriously... I have been talking to this family in my ward about my problems of not ever
being able to cry. haha and They have a daughter named allie, she is like 15. And she never can cry either, so I am glad
that i'm not the only heartless person. and get this, she EXTREMELY hates feet. haha.. I knew there were people that were
like me somewhere. haha. ANyways, that was pretty random sorry.
This week we had a lot better week. We were able to get a hold of a lot of people that we were never able to get ahold of
before. We finally set up this lesson with this less active that we have been trying to work with forever, so hopefully we can get
her to start coming to church. I had a pretty cool experience too. We went over to a less active in our singles ward, and his dad
was there too and he is less active in his ward. So we were just talking to them for a while, and we gave the lesson, and i just
thought about this scripture in doctrine and covenants section 10 verse 5 to read about prayer and coming off the conqueror,
and they both said, that was exactly what they needed to hear. So that was kinda cool, and then i continued talking, and
it popped into my head to invite them to pray together. And the dad was like, yeah you know i have been thinking about
that a lot lately, how we should do that. So it was kinda cool, that a couple times within one lesson, i told them things that
they needed to hear by the spirit. IT was a cool spiritual experience.
Gracelan? seriously.. haha i don't want to make fun of that name too much, if that is what they are actually going to name it
but that sounds like something off of chronicles of narnia or lord of the rings..but i guess tyler named his kids hunter and bode
so where are we to talk..haha just kidding. How are those kids doing anyways, We had dinner with a family in our ward and
they have a 4 year old son, and he is absolutely huge, he weighs probably 80 pounds, and it is just weird to think that he is
only like a year or so older than hunter. I might need to get some pictures of them too, cause i haven't seen them in a little bit.
Anyways, so to talk about what i would like in my package....hmmm... definately some good jerky. definately the cd of nashville
triuble to the missionaries and maybe also jenny oaks baker ( elder oaks daughter) she has a cd that is all disney music on the
violin, that would be pretty cool. maybe some gatorade powder. other random snacks.. just whatever you can think of.
but yeah since i haven't had a package in a while this one might have to be super big, to make up for the other ones. right?
Welp, i gotta run, i hope that you guys are excited for general conference this weekend.. I am stoked.. i can't wait to hear from
the prophet and apostles.. hope that you guys have a good week, enjoy park city! love ya


Monday, September 19, 2011


Hey der, yeah this last week did go by pretty fast i'm not gonna lie. Yeah there were some
interesting things that happened last week.. Lets just say that i'm pretty glad that its only 5
more weeks with my companion... So yeah, remember the house that i have told you about,
yeah i complained about it and stuff, but i have tolerated it for the last 3 months, and there
havent been really any huge problems. But my companion, has lived there for a week and he
says that he cant handle it anymore. So he has complained to the stake president, the bishop
and the ward mission leader. yeah he's a baby. He says its too unsanitary and that its not
good for us to live there... Oh yeah and to be quite honest the zone completely cant stand him,
because... In district meeting he got up and completely yelled and chastised the entire district,
(even with sisters there) because they were making phone calls to people outside of their
district without calling us for permission..now that is a mission rule, but that is probably one
of the smallest mission rule that people tend to break, and so yeah they should have been
told not to do it anymore, but he completely yelled at them, and told them that they were like
the pharisees, and that they teach to be obedient and aren't...yeah thats my comp. He is kind
of a tool..but yeah i'm just trying to get through these next 5 weeks. I'll be fine though.
Anyways, on that cheery note... Did dad and tyler go back out hunting? I want them to shoot
something! I need jerky or something. Yeah i'd be interested in seeing the rental house that
you guys are fixing up, are you fixing it for me to live there after the mission? Is that where you
want me to live so i don't move out here to denver? There are so many missionaries that come
back after the mission and marry girls in their wards, holy cow. Its like seriously, were you even
doing missionary work or were you just flirting with the laurels?
That is so crazy..Chloe Miller is getting married, i remember her looking like a 15 year old
does she still look like that? Thats pretty nuts, i'm not ready for that.. maybe in 10 more months
though i dunno. haha. just kiddin. But yeah i am kinda on the opposite side of the mission from
Elder aamodt right now but i know that he is doing alright. He still isn't a dl or zl or anything,
he is with a samoan missionary that beats everyone up. And president Ely when he was here
asked him who he wanted to be with so that he didn't beat any more of his comps up, he said
Elder aamodt. I guess they get along pretty well, so thats good. But yeah he is doing alright.
Well anyways, yeah not too much is different here, we got a referral of some investigator that
lives in longmont, she said that she would be interested in meeting with us but she wasn't there
at the time we set up an appointment. But we will keep trying, so hopefully we can get someone
new to teach. But yeah, i'm kinda just ready to leave this area, but i still got a while so i'm gonna
have to get over it. Welp, gotta run, love you hope the fam is doing good, take care yall.

Monday, September 12, 2011




Hola Como esta
Welcome back to Utah, your pictures that you sent are pretty sweet. I can't believe you saw a couple of bears. Some guy here in the ward
tells me that he goes bear hunting, and tells me some pretty crazy stories. For example, if you shoot a bear right in the heart, its adrenaline
is going so much, that it wont even know that it is dead for a couple of minutes and it will come and find you and rip you to shreds, so yeah
bear hunting is probably the manliest sport i've ever heard of and i probably want to try it at least once. The pictures of you guys riding
horses is pretty funny, you definately dont have the proper outfit for it, where is your boots, your cowboy hat and your gun?
haven't you seen the movies?
I gotta admit, i'm pretty bummed that tyler and dad haven't gotten an elk yet. I could definately go for some of that jerky.
We got into a door of a less active on monday and the whole time we were just talking about hunting, and then he gave me and my
companion elk steak, and elk burgers. There is a ton of it too. SO I just need to complete it off with some elk jerky, and i would
be set. Tell them not to give up and have faith. Read them the story of nephi breaking his bow if you have too.
So yeah me and my companion are doing pretty good. We still don't have any new investigators that we are teaching, but we were planning
the other day and we started to come up with some ideas that we could use in the singles ward to get new people to start coming to activities and
things. We are going to set up a basketball tournament and get out flyers and have people in the ward invite their friends, and we are going
to try to do it once a week. I've heard that there are a lot of convert baptisms just from people coming to play basketball with members of
the wards, so hopefully we can see the same success here in the singles ward. Its getting a little bit annoying that we haven't really
taught a single investigator in over 2 months. I really hope that we can get some more!
My companions name is Elder Yarmo, yes he goes home in 6 weeks now. He's not too trunky. He is from New hampshire, right on the border
of that and Massachussets. about 45 minutes from boston. I'm senior ZL now, and thank goodness i'm not a district leader anymore!! haha
5 transfers of that was too much. I'm glad that i don't have to do all those trainings anymore, but another dl asked me if i would give a training
last week so i had to do it anyways. Also we both spoke in church yesterday. My talk was on how members can use PMG to get ready to
answer questions when people that aren't members of the church ask them questions they can know what to say. It went pretty good i thought,
especially since i only prepared for 30 minutes cause we had no time, and i gave a talk for about 20 minutes.
Not much else has been going on, kinda the same old thing. so that is about all i got for this week, hopefully all goes well this next week,
tell tyler or someone to keep me updated on how byu football is doing, i heard they one their first game but i don't know if they won yesterday.
Yea that would be sweet if i got a package..just saying.. ok gotta run, love ya have a good one.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


LA Familia.
Hey! That is so cool that you are in Montana right now doing some sweet action hiking and stuff. Yeah i definately wants some cool
pictures next week! Haha horses, i have basically become a little farmer here in this area. Last week i was shoveling up their poopski
and feeding them hay, mowing their grass and stuff. I could never have grown up on a farm.. I hope that Montana is cool though.
Sooo, let me just fill you in, give you the low down on what happened for transfers. So I am destined to be in berthoud for at least
13 more weeks. Yes that is until December 5th. So here is what happened. Elder Smith is now in Fort Collins on Campus..lucky
jerk... I am staying here in berthoud for the next transfer (7 weeks) but my new companion, his name is Elder Yarmo. This is his
last transfer, and then he goes home, so i will be killing him off. So that means that I will be here for the next transfer also because
they aren't going to sweep us out...7 and a half months in berthoud colorado...please pray for me. haha. Its not sooo bad, the people
here are alright. There are a bunch of crazies here though, that is for sure, especially the people that we baptized, haha which is
the ones that we spend the most time with. Yes i'm still a zone leader, i'm actually the senior zone leader right now too, i have been
junior for the last like 5 months that it seems kind of weird that i'm the one that is in charge of everything. I got so used to being the secondary
one..haha just kidding. yeah i'm hoping that these next couple of weeks go by fast though..Elder Yarmo is interesting, i'll tell you more about
it later. But we will se how it goes.
So not too much happened this week. We had a zone leader council down at the mission home which is in westiminster which is really close
to thornton, so we got permission from the mission president to go there and have dinner with the olsons. It was way cool, i really do miss
that family a ton, it was good to see them all again. They want me to get transfered back there so bad. And i wouldn't mind it either.
Let me know how the whole young womens president thing goes.. That is going to be awesome. I don't even think i remember any of the
young women in the ward. WHo are some of them..Libby is probably a laurel now huh..that is weird. what about camille, how old is she now?
Its weird to think about people back at home, i hardly remember anything about home until i try. Which i dont do often. Keep me focused
on the work.
Well anyways, I gotta run, hope MOntana is everything you imagined and more. It would be cool to get a package sometime... just saying.
especially if ty or dad get an elk. well gotta go, love ya have a good week.

Monday, August 29, 2011


haha bummer. I'm sorry, honestly i thought that it was your birthday the week earlier, but i got it
mixed up with charlie. I knew that yours was on one of the days but i couldnt quite remember. But
don't hold it against me, i can't remember most anything. Hope you did have a good one. NExt B day
of yours i will be home.ahhhh. crazy. Haha your story was really funny about the guy that fell off the
mountain, its sad and everything but i just liked how your last sentence was how it was really funny
to see. Your terrible haha just kidding.
Tell dad and Tyler that they better catch an elk or something because i have been craving some
elk jerky. By the way are you gonnna send me a package, with that stuff that i asked for last
week, its been forever since i have received a package, my companion gets one like every two weeks.
I have gotten one in the last 5 months.
SO transfers is next week, i'm a little bummed about it because its like almost a guarantee that elder
smith will be leaving and i will be staying here. It will be a bummer to see Elder Smith going, cause he
is a good guy, and for me to stay in crazy berthoud for 7 weeks, could be a bit of a struggle, but maybe with the transition of a new companion, time will go by pretty fast, hopefully. We have been together for
like 4 and a half months, i can't even remember what its like to be with another companion or in another area. But we will see.
This week, we had a really cool meeting on thursday. So starting in october the denver area is going
to be doing a media blitz for the mormon.org campaign. Its gonna be awesome. What they are doing is
putting up 14 billboards, running commercials, running advertisments on facebook, youtube and twitter,
and also putting things on the radio. We got a training from a 70 named Elder Rhodes and another guy
named steven b allen. And they have tested it in 9 other cities and said that baptisms go way up because people see the billboards and stuff and ask there friends about being mormon, so they come to
us instead of us going to them. Its gonna be legit. Members will do missionary work! hopefully.
But i'm excited for a big change that will happen for the last 10 months of my mission. Yep i hit that today. pretty nuts.
Haha that is hilarious that you were not dressed great for when madeline came over. Its all good.
Yeah she was pretty nervous, because she thought that it would maybe be weird for a girl to bring
a missionaries stuff tothe house, but i told her that you would be nice, and she text me and said
"momma gnehm is soo nice" haha so you did good. Yeah she is going to provo so that would be
a pretty far way for her to go to dinner, but that was nice of you to offer.
So i gotta close with a hilarous thing that happened, i dont know if you will find it funny, it might be one of those you have to be there moments. But we meet with the stake pres and his councilor eery week.
and the coucilor is brother pippen, and he is crazy, and his prayers make me laugh. SO last week he was going off about how great we are in the prayer and saying that we are "mighty warriors and strong servants and we should be yielded properly" so i thought it was kinda funny, so yesterday we met with him again and he prayed again so i was anticipating another funny thing, and he goes off about how great we are again and says that we truly are the "fruit of the tree".. haha the second he said fruit, i lost it, i busted up during his prayer, and i felt so bad because it was irreverant, but it was so funny, it was one of those smiles that would well up inside of me and i would just think about it and start laughing again.
SO yeah, hes nuts and i thought it was prtty funny, i dont know if you did though.
anyways, thats it for the week,i'll let you know next week, who my new comp is and everything,
so i hope you have fun in montana, hopefully everyone is safe when you go, and no passes away.
Welp, take care love ya.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Momma! I want to let you know that i didn't forget about your birthday, but i remembered that it will be on sunday. so i will just tell you right now
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! hope you have a good day, and all your dreams and wishes come true!
-Sho boy elder carson gnehm.

Monday, August 22, 2011



Whats shakin' bacon?
Yeah i'm pretty jealous that Dad and Tyler are Hunting right now. that sounds like a ton of fun. are they in wyoming? cause i was in cheyenne on saturday. We went up there to do
vehicle inspections because we had zone conference this week. Cheyenne seems like a cool place, i guess? haha it was funny when we were up there, we were sitting at a gas
station, and there was this couple that got locked out of their car because they left their dog in the car with the keys and the dog was jumping around all excited in the car and pressed
the lock button, so it locked em out. haha we thought it was funny. cause i could see roxy doing that if she weighed enough to even press a button. But zone
conference was really good, it was president toombs first conference, and it seemed to go really well. We had to role play a bunch though which was the downside
it is good sometimes to practice teaching your investigators but when you do if for really long, it just gets a little boring. WE gave a little training on unity in the zone
and i think that it went really well, because some of the companionships in the zone dont get along all that well.
Before i forget i gotta let you know that the new nashville tribute to the missionaries cd came out. and i was just thinking that you havent sent me a package in a really
long time, and i could use that cd. Oh and also some beef jerky, and other random goodies. But that is just a suggestion, and i would have you strongly consider it.
thanks. haha. Also there is a girl named madeline in the singles ward here and she is going to school at byu, and she has to drive right through kaysville to pick up
some kind of certificate for her cna business. and so i gave her a duffel bag of stuff to take home so she will probably drop it off tomorrow sometime, is that ok? and
if no one will be home i will just have her put it on the porch or something.
There are a bunch of people that are going to school here in the singles ward, so that will be pretty lame. But its all good some will stay though.
Hopefully we will have a couple of new people to teach in the nextcouple of weeks, because one girl said that her friend will be coming to church this sunday, and we also
got a referral from the greeley zone leaders of someone that is moving into our area that was being taught. So yeah i'm just praying that things can turn around here.
SO steve emailed me and said that kadyn sanders got in a huge motorcyling accident last week and has been in a coma for a while. So if you could pray for him and maybe
try to find out a little more information for me that would be awesome. That is super sad tohear.
That is awesome that you are going to be the young womens president. haha yeah that just seems like neither of you are going to be home very often.
So maybe they will release dad here pretty soon, who knows. but yeah i'm excited for you, is there a lot of young women in the ward right now? i cant even
remember very many people from the ward honestly haha, you know how my memory is. I think that it is only getting worse since my mission. When i am
old i will have alzheimers? for sure.
On thursday we are going down to the malley stake center (my old stake center in thornton) because our mission is diong what they call a media blitz.
It is what they have been doing in new york city, and it is pretty much with mormon.org making profiles, and having lots of billboards, and commercials and
things on the radio, so i am way excited to hear what all will be going on for it, hopefully it helps get much more referrals. so yeah there is a guy from the MTC
coming to teach all the leaders of the mission about it and so yeah it will be cool to go there, and be back in thornton for a day.
You never told me anything about buying a rental home. Are you gonna fix it up all nice, for a place for me to live in when i get home. You might want to
consider it so i dont move away to colorado again after the mission, it might be the bribery that i need to stay in utah. SO just htink about it. haha
Anyways, yeah if you could get me a package with that stuff that would be sweeet. but i gotta run, hope all the family is doing good, i love you all peace love and joy.

Monday, August 15, 2011


ITS a ME ELder Gnehm
Yeah sorry about last week, it was kinda boring and not the greatest. but yeah i'm over it now, and everythings good. Still this week not too much has happened. We picked up a golden investigator who has been taught all the
lessons in a previous ward and has been to church over 4 times, and comes to all the activities and has been reading the book of mormon and is already in alma chapter 5. Butttt... he is moving to west virginia tomorrow.
haha so that is about the story of my life but whatever, its a bummer, but we will find someone that wants to learn about the gospel and is going to stay here.
We did talk to that guy who went to jail. So we have been taking care of his horse lately, yeah i'm basically a farmer, because he is out of jail now and is in colorado springs.. living on the streets basically.
classy right? but yeah that is Tyrone, he is absoultely crazy, but he said that he is still going to church down there in colorado springs, so that is good, he really does have a testimony of the gospel, he is
just out of his mind. Um, yeah other than that we have just been working with some less actives, we had a corn roast actvitiy in the berthoud ward so we just went around this week, inviting people to
it basically. A lot of people did show up which was good, so we are helping the ward a little bit with reactivation, now if we could just find a baptism that would be legit.
Yeah i was thinking the other day, that tyler lunt had to be home by now. That is sweet, he is an awesome kid, there is a kid that goes to our singles ward that reminds me of him. Tell him that i say hi to him.
And callie knight got married already, haha that is kinda weird, i dont know why. I see tons of people in the singles ward that are younger than me get married but thinking of her getting married is a little funky.
don't expect me to get married for a while. haha.
So the Denver temple is closed until the end of october, yeah its a long time. and so Cameron wont be getting sealed until then probably, but yeah i'm going to talk to them and everything, i'm saving up my
temple trip so i can go down there.
last week elder horner (my second companion) and elder jones, another return missionary of this mission, came out and took us out to lunch, it was cool to see them, haha they came to the singles ward and they
absolutely hated it though, i'll be honest some of the activities are a little meh..lame. but yeah it is pretty cool to see em back.
SO this week elder blomdal who was one of my companions, who i was way excited to have him come here in my zone...got emergency transfered because of another elders mistake, so now he is down in aurora as
a zone leader. haha so i was a little upset about that, but now maybe we could be companions again in the future, that would be really cool. Yeah i'm getting a little tired of the berthoud ward and the singles ward.
not to much to do right now, and especially since everyone is leaving the singles ward it will be a little worse. So, oh well i just gotta suck it up and keep working hard.
Anyways, not to much did happen this week, so i think we are gonna take off and play a little bit of basketball, i hope that you guys are doing well. If you wanna get on my facebook and tell people to write me, that
would be really awesome of you thanks!!! make sure you give my address 1250 main street broomfield colorado. thanks. haha, anyways i am gonna take off, love ya bye!

Monday, August 8, 2011


So this week has been a slow week, and in all honesty, its been kind of a terrible week at times. So we don't
have like any investigators right now because we baptized all three of the investigators that we had. SO right now
we are kind of just starting from scratch, the hard thing is we can't do much finding in the singles ward. The worst
thing about it is everytime we get a new investigator, or someone that sounds promising and wants to hear more about
the gospel..they are moving away to go to school or something. Seriously, in the last two transfers we have had 5 people
that wanted to know more and to talk to us, but they all moved away. So that kinda stinks. So right now, we are kinda just
visitng less actives and stuff in both wards that we haven't met, and hoping that we can get them to come back and then
get them to do missionary work, so yeah its goin a tad slower than i would like right now!
That is sad about Mary Preece, yeah I remember her i think, that is the one that you would play tennis with right? or no?
i dunno. but yeah just keep praying for her, hopefully all goes well there.
That kinda stinks about the house getting flooded. Yeah there was a house that we helped with that got flooded and
the carpet was moldy, and we had to pull all of it out and stuff, so it just smelled terrible, and i got tons of it on my pants, but
Yeah i'm gonna be honest, the worst part about the week, was when i got on here for the email.. so let me go back, so last monday
i was talking to the missionaries that are serving in the arvada 6th ward, the one that i served in. And they told me that Rene Alvarez,
remember her? she is the lady that i baptized, yeah she told the missionaries that she doesn't want to talk to them anymore, so yeah
i was completely bummed about that. OK, so then today when i got on email, i got an email from kenny strong, guy also in the 6th ward,
and his email was a reply to one of mine, and he said hi elder this is a long time coming, i left the church and i think it would be a good
idea if you didn't contact me anymore. ..yeah...this is the guy that i spent a buttload of time working with and he came to visit me in
thornton a couple times and took me out to dinner. stinks right?
Oh one more story so Tyrone, the guy that we just barely baptized about 2 weeks ago. yeah he went to jail for something he did 7 years ago
and he was in there for a couple days, now he is out and nobody can find him, or get a hold of him.
haha so yeah how does my week sound? not the greatest.
oh well, you know me i let things slide pretty easy, i'm disappointed in all this but i'm not gonna let it bother me really bad.
But anyways, that is pretty crazy that tyler took bode and hunter to trek, a lot of the people that i went who were teenagers, couldn't
even do the whole thing, they are definately gonna be nba players.
Not too much, is gonna be happening this next week i dont think, our investigator from columbia, is going back to columbia tomorrow, so that
is a bummer, i'm pretty sure she will get baptized down there though, so that will be good.
Anyways, thats about all for the week, so i gotta run, i hope you guys have a good rest of the week, love ya take luck, bye.

Monday, August 1, 2011


Hola Madre

The Denver temple closed a couple weeks ago and it is closed until october. It is closed for about
3 months, so that is a very long time. I will be getting a temple trip this month but i am hoping that i can save it and go
to the temple sealing when cameron burris gets sealed to his wife. I baptized him in my first area. and since i've been out a
year so it is coming up pretty soon.
This last week was nothing special. We are starting from ground zero again pretty much because we baptized all
the people that were in the berthoud ward. and we have no investigators there anymore. In the singles ward we still have
Bobby but we haven't even heard from him in the last two weeks, so he is slowly dropping off the map which is not cool.
He had a date for this month, and when i was on exchanges i wasn't here, but elder smith talked to him and he said that
he still wants to get baptized but right now is just too early. SO hopefully we can get in contact with him again, and we will
be able to teach him, because right now we have not much going on.
Yeah so this week is transfers. Elder Smith and I are both staying here. Know what that means? I will be here in this ward
for at least 12 more weeks. haha thats gonna be a quarter of my mission here in berthoud. haha that kinda stinks, the work is
good here but the people are kinda insane. Especially the guy that we baptized. But oh well, I will just have to keep working
hard, and find new people to teach. I am kind of excited though, Elder Blomdal, remember him? he was my third companion
back in arvada. He is coming here and he is going to be a district leader so i will see him at least one or twice a week, so i
am pretty excited for that. He is a cool kid. good elder. Yeaah i'm still zone leader/ district leader, i am kind of getting
sick of being a district leader honestly, our district didn't change at all, and we have the same trainings that we have to do
every transfer, so i think the district is just getting sick of me giving the trainings. I know i am.
SO yesterday in church, the air conditioner was broken. It was probably 90 degrees, and it gets warmer because the chapel was
packed with people which is a good thing but yeah not when we are there for two sacrament meetings, 3 other meetings, and priesthood.
that makes for a total of 7 and a half hours. I was a sweaty mess at the end of the day. But someone did bring up a good point,
the early saints didn't have air conditioner and they wore more clothing then we did too so they were probably a lot warmer, so it made me not complain as much.

I'm kinda bummed that the summer is ending though because a ton of the singles in the ward will be leaving to go to school
there wont be half as many people as there is now, and a ton of cool kids are leaving to so it will be pretty lame. but oh well.
Hopefully dad had a good birthday, i told him last week happy birthday but then i forgot until 830 last night, i was sitting in an appointment
then i had revelation that it was dads birthday. it was pretty wild.
anyways, thats about all that i got for this week, keep me updated on the latest and the greatest! hope all is going well, love ya

Monday, July 25, 2011




Hey there

To fill you in on the week, there is a surprise in here too..

So we did have both of our baptisms. The one on Wednesday was with Alisha Golsan she is 15, so the whole young womens sang the sisters in Zion song, for her and then they all went and had a movie night. SO that was pretty sweet. Then the baptism on Saturday happened, haha that was funny. So this guy that got baptized is literally crazy, he wanted to buy some refreshments for the baptism, so we were like, yeah cool man. he goes to the store and buys 5 types of ice creams, 5 different cases of soda, toppings for the ice cream. it all ended up to be 75 dollars worth of stuff. haha then the baptism was interesting, if you notice in the picture of him, he is wearing a shirt type thing under his baptism clothes yeah, he didn't want to take that off, at first he had a black shirt under and we told him he had to take it off. Then during the baptism, right before the closing hymn and prayer he gets up and walks to start getting some of the refreshments, haha so we essentially walked out of his own baptism. it was really funny.

But they both were baptized and confirmed so it was really cool and it has definately been a testimony builder for me that heavenly father is preparing people that are ready to hear the gospel. I read DC section 29 bout the elect, and these two that were just baptized are definately the elect.

So the surprise that i just found out about today, was that in the Eastlake ward ( my last ward) they just baptized one of the girls that i started teaching while i was there. The baptism was also yesterday. So last week i had a total of three baptisms. That would be kind of sweet if i could have that many every week for the rest of my mission!

Before i forget, i need a new SD card because my camera has like 15 more pictures that it can take before it is full, so if you could get more that would be legit.

You asked about Bobby, so i was on exchanges and I didn’t get to teach him, but Elder Smith went over there with a different companion, and they talked about the baptism and he said that he still wants to get baptized but he says that he doesn't think that he is ready. Its good though because he recognizes that it is a big commitment in his life, and so we will just try to help him over the next couple weeks, he should hopefully get baptized next transfer.

So yeah our transfers are in a week, i don't really know what is gonna happen. I think that i will probably stay and get a different companion cause he has been here for 3 transfers, but who knows with the new mission president. he doesn't really even know how long we've been here or where we have already served, so it would be sweet if he sent me back to Thornton as a zone leader.

Brother Olson called me today, he is going to Cheyenne and on the way back he is going to come visit me, so that will be pretty cool.

That is nuts that Bode is already 1 year old, tell him happy birthday for me, if he can even understand it. that will be cool.

So i sent you another picture and its of us and some of the singles ward in a food fight. It was pretty crazy. i borrowed some old guys clothes when i got to the house, and it smelled definately like old person. and he wears size 40 pants so that was cool. But the food fight was epic. There was soy sauce, peaches, salsa, hershey sauce, and the worst was pancake mix. That got in my ear and it crusted up and i was picking at it all night and some of the next morning. i wrecked the old guys clothes, but he didn't care, he is rich and he didn't really like those clothes anyways, so that was way fun.

How is the weather in Utah, its ridiculously warm outside. We went and did a mountain bike trail at a place called Devils backbone today,the place is super cool, you should check out some pictures of it. But it was ridiculously hot, the trail was difficult too, it almost wasn't even any fun, because it was 98 degrees when we were doing it..at 1200, right now its 100. I'm sick of the hot, living in the attic isn't the most spectacular thing ever either, its not that hot, but its definately never cool, and you know how i like it to be cool. oh well.

Anyways, that’s about all that i got for this week, so i hope that you guys had fun on your fishing trip, the pictures were cool, dad is looking super old cause he is 50 now, haha just kidding. Anyways, peace, love have a good week.


Tuesday, July 19, 2011




Crazy Week
So i'll fill you in on what has been going on this week.
So that less active family that i told you about, how they have been completely
activated again, they haven't missed a day of church since we went over to their
house. Their 15 year old daughter went on girls camp, and we invited her to be
baptized, so she is getting baptized this wednesday. (tomorrow) Its awesome, because
its a lot like what happened in thornton, we activated the less active guy Aaron and then we
baptized Brandi. and its the same deal here, so i think that working with the less active part
member families is the best way to go. The young women are going to be singing at Alisha's
baptism tomorrow, and she is solid, its gonna be awesome.
The crazy guy that i told you about last week. . We went over there almost every day and taught
all the lessons super fast, and he has been to church every week since we have seen him.
He is getting baptized this Saturday. He is pretty solid, he still is absolutely crazy, but he really
does have a strong testimony of the gopsel, and he definately is ready. There has been a lot of blessings
lately, with these baptism, that have just come out so fast. The ward is super excited right now too, because
this ward hasn't had a baptism for over a year. And just in this last month we are going to have 3 baptisms. Muy bien.
In the singles ward we still have Bobby set with a baptism date, he came to church this sunday and he seems a little
bit solid. We are going to have to work on this one a little bit but hopefully all goes well with it, so please pray for him,
his name is bobby billanueva. He comes to a ton of activities though, he went to another baptism and he came to the
singles wards date night, which is 3 dates in a day. haha he was so weirded out by that though, he's like and...their parents
know about this right? haha dating is completely different when its outside LDS. but he enjoyed it and so hopefully all will go
well with him. With Laura, we invited her to be baptized, but the langauge barrier is kinda hard, she didn't really understand
that getting baptized in the church here will be the same if she gets baptized in columbia. She has a strong testimony but
she doesn't completely undeerstand and its hard to teach, but we are going over there on friday for dinner, so hopefully we can
get her brother to teach it to her.
So yeah that is how the work is going right now. Its crazy good, its awesome right now. It definately keeps me excited,
and helps me to enjoy missionary work a lot.
As far as fun things going on. We went golfing yesterday with some old guy who is a non member. He's like 80 years old, but he
is a boss. He paid for all our stuff. I did suprisingly good for how long its been since i have played. I actually didn't do bad at all.
we did 18 holes and i ended with a 92. My drives were incredible sometimes, and i had like 4 or 5 putts that tiger himself would
be impressed with. It was way fun, i miss golfing a lot. It was good to do that.
Then right after, we went up with a couple people from the singles ward to Estes Park. I sent pictures of it. It was way cool up there.
we saw a moose and a ton of deer. It was so hard to breathe up their though. We walked up a hill and i was struggling. The whole reason that
we wanted to go up there was to get a picture with the sign that says how high it is. But the trail to get up to the very top was closed. So we
only made it to 11750 ft. But it was still cool, the trail ridge road up to there is super pretty, and i got some good pictures. Estes is a cool
city too, we didn't spend much time there but i want to go back and check out the shopping stuff.
So yeah it was a really good week, so this week we just have to get those baptisms underway, and make sure that they happen,
and it will be even better.
Thankyou for putting my pictures on facebook, if you want to put these new ones that would be awesome thanks. :)
Well i gotta run, love you have a good week, by the way i haven't gotten a package in a while :) haha
love ya bye

Monday, July 11, 2011


haha that stinks that dad got poison ivy. that sounds miserable. how is dads work and stuff going? i sent him a letter last week
with pictures of the testosterzone but he never wrote me back, jerk. just kidding but seriously.
Lucky, i want to go golfing so bad. But i can tell you a story that happened this week.
So remember how i told you about the inactive family that has been coming back and they brought the non member to church
last sunday. yeah so we went over to his house this week, his name is tyrone. haha he is absolutely nutsss.
We spent 3 hours at his house, yeah we didn't mean to but a lot of crazy stuff happened. so he just got a horse, and he doesn't know
how to take care of a horse at all. he was like elbowing it trying to get it to go a certain direction. so he was like alright lets take my
horse for a walk. so we did. he was just talking crazy the entire time. then we got to some mountain side, and he';s like check out
the fossils in these rocks...there were no fossils, it was like dirt. The whole time he was talking about his dad that lives next to him
and about how his dad is out to "get him" He said that his dad has threatened him, and he also said that like 5 other people have
threatened to kill him also. haha yea we don't know if its true or if he's off his rocker. But the reason that i told you this was because
we were trying to leave and get home, because we were already there forever. Then he's like hey i just got a new taylor made golf club,
do you like golf? haha yes. so he lives off in the mountains all by himself secluded from the real world obviously. ANd he gets a sack
of golf balls, and we just start hitting golfballs down into the valley from his back yard. haha. It was awesome, and it made me want to go
golfing really bad. anyways yeah that was my crazy experience for the week. But we met with the guy again, he came to church again
and he really wants to be baptized, and so we are just working on the lessons right now and if nothing goes wrong he should be getting
baptized within the next two weeks.
We got another new investigator in the singles ward. Her name is laura. she is from columbia, she speaks very little english but she refuses
to take the discussions from spanish missionaries because she wants to learn her english. She is awesome though, we taught lesson 2 and 3
about the plan of salvation and the gospel of jesus christ, and she seems pretty solid. Her fellowshipper was telling us that the concern that
is going to be the biggest problem is coffee. because she is from columbia where the grade a coffee is from. So hopefully she can get over that
but she moves back to columbia next month so we will have to be swift. haha she is funny though and she has a little 14 year old brother named
niko, and we went to a ward barbaque in lyons. Both of them were playing frisby and volleyball for the first time and it was hilarious.
but Lyons, it an awesome place. It is really close to estes park which by the way we are going to next week. but in lyons we were at meadow park
and the mountains that were surrounding it were awesome. I want to go back there for another p day and try to find some sweet hiking trails.
WOw that seems weird that callie knight is getting married, didn't the knighton girl get married too? who else is getting married and getting
there mission calls? is brayden christensen planning on going on a mission. pierce wrote me about 2 months ago and said that he was at church
with an emo girl and they were all over each other the whole time. sounds pretty filthy. how is gavin and kyle and taylor doing, are they still
trying to be cool, and not going to church?
haha to answer your question if it would be weird if things worked out with them. yes. but it would also be pretty cool because i dont need to learn who she is that much, because I already know her, and so that was good. It took me a little while to warm up to jess..haha just kidding.
you can tell her i told you that.
Can you do me a favor though, either you or derek or jess, if you could put the pictures that i have emailed to you, on my facebook, that would be awesome.
i always have members that tell me that they have looked at my facebook, and if i could have a ton of pictures from my mission on there that would be
pretty sweet. so please. Do i have to commit you and promise blessings? cause i wont.
Welp, i should probably get running, love ya, have good week, be safe, play lots of golf and tennis without me, see what i care.
haha chao.
love elder gnehm.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011



What up familia
Hey whats crackin? so this week was a pretty dang busy week for us, there was a lot of stuff that happened.
So yeah Friday was definately interesting, we got a call from some missionaries to help this guy move in our area,
so we went and met the people at some storage unit. and there were about 6 of them. Come to find out that every
single one of them was deaf. I don't know if you know, but its hard to know where to move boxes to when you cant
understand sign language. But it didn't stop them from trying to talk to us in sign language anyways. So yeah that was
crazy, i was definately singing count your many blessing that whole day.
Saturday we did meet President Toombs. He is from Logan utah. He is super cool guy. He just comes over to me the
first time i meet him and he's like hey man hows it going, and gives me some sort of bro hug that young guys do...you
wouldn't understand.. haha. but yeah he seems like a really good guy, he's down to earth and he's not as straight down
to business as president ely was. He was eating lunch with us too, and he was crackin jokes it was cool. In Zone Leader
Conference not too much changes were made, the only thing thats crazy is that next transfer every companionship
in the mission is getting a portable DVD player to watch the district dvds and the proselyting dvds like the restoration and such.
So yeah that will be interesting to see how that goes, and see how long it will be before our first problem happens with that
with some dumb missionaries. (probably soon)
Sunday we had the confirmation of our baptism that we had a couple weeks ago. It was good, haha but then she was like
Elders come here i have somethning thats been weighing on my mind all day. We were like oh great i hope she didn't drink
coffee or something. But she tells us how she woke up at 330 in the morning the day before by the sound of a trumpet
and she woke up looked out the windows at the stars and heard a voice say the marines have saved you. haha . so
i don't know exactly what that means, but it was cool..i guess? I dont know if i already told you this but there is a less active
that was offended in utah and we went there one day not knowing anything about them and they let us in. (apparently for the last couple
of years they have been super anti and yelled at everyone that comes over from the church) but we went in not knowing anything and
we talked and they came to church and have been there the last 3 weeks and are super excited about it now. haha they even brought a
non member to church on Sunday who wants to know more. haha so yeah less actives are doing more work then the active members
there is something wrong with that. but cool nevertheless.
And yesterday was a way fun 4th of July. We went to a breakfast with the ward in the morning, and got to know some people.
Then we spent the day with the berezay family.remember that family i told you that was stalking me. yeah them. haha they are probably
reading this so it will just make them mad, which makes me happy for some sick reason.. ALso i'll mention the Hawkins family because they are probably stalking me too, so i'll talk about them to make them happy. They are a cool fam, that made us funnel cakes, i don't know what it is either, and it was weird but it was actually pretty good. but anyways, yeah we went to their cousins house
and played some tennis with people, played corn hole. I don't know if you know what that is but you throw a bean bag into a hole. haha it sounds
pretty lame, but its actually kind of fun. its like horseshoes, with a bean bag. But it was super hot yesterday, i was dying.
But we stayed with them the whole day, and yeah we got to watch them light off some fireworks, and there were tons of people around us doing
some illegal ones so it was actually exciting. But a guy with us threw an m-80 (small dynamite) into a sewer, haha it was the loudest thing
I have ever heard in my life, it like shook the ground from across the street. It was cool. But yeah we hung out all day, and did that
i'll send some pictures of that, and also the cake. and also some pictures for dad of the guy in our ward who shot the worlds largest
moose. so show him those.
About alan coming to see us, i'll have to ask our mission president and see what he says, haha i have no idea. tell blaine fowler to take us our when he comes to fort collins to do sport games though.
Anyways, i gotta run but i'll get some pics. So i love you guys and hope you guys have a good week. BYE

Monday, June 27, 2011

My New Baptism
Happy Birthday to Me
Darn Hunter Sending Me A Slippery Snake


Hey mocerina
SO let me just update you on what has happened recently. SO saturday we had our baptism, it was way cool, i gave the talk about the baptism, and i used pictures from an 8 year old baptism. I thought it was spiritual but a family in the back was laughing their heads off.. I found out this family has been facebook stalking me, and they want either you or derek to add them as friends so they can look at my pictures. their last name is the berezays. The baptism was really good though, she was definately prepared for it, and it was definately awesome to see a baptism again.
We also had stake conference this saturday and sunday. WIth elder Payne coming from the 6th quorum of the 70. It was way good. There were some really good talks here, our stake president is from kaysville too and he is old but super down to earth guy. Elder Payne talked a lot about forgiveness and how we have to forgive ourselves and how people like alma the younger were forgiven and became a prophet after destroying the church, so we should be able to be forgiven as well.
Also something else that is actually happening today is going to be very interesting. So we are moving out of our house and living in a place that is gonna be awful. So outside the house is a huge giant cotton tree and it looks like is snowed outside his house because there is so much of it, also he has 3 cats which will be awesome for my allergies. We are also living in the attic, where its going to be at least 100 degrees every night, because he doesn't have an air condition or anything. We are sleeping on beds that will just be on the floor. oh and my favorite part is our toilet is about 5 feet from my bed, with no door or anything so we will not have privacy at all. Yeah we talked to our bishop and he's like yeah this guy is a really good guy and i think it would just be awesome if you guys could live there. haha so yeah it will definately be a fun time, and i will try to be at home as little as possible. fun eh?
SO yeah i'm coming up to a year on my mission this week, our mission president is going home. He spoke in our conference and was trying to leave right after it ended, but me and my companion ran to go say goodbye, and he hugged me and just told me to keep doing good. ANd the presidents wife was just crying haha shes like come visit after your mission so i can hug you haha it was funny. The 4th of july is next week, we have a breakfast and we are going to try to watch some fireworks with some members, but we will see how that goes. We are allowed to go and since we can be in all of longmont and loveland i'm sure we can find something.
We are meeting with the new mission president on saturday during ZLC's i'm excited, i think i already told you but
he is from logan. Oh guess what else, i was looking at the missionaries that are coming from the mtc next transfer. and there is a missionary from kaysville utah with the last name of farnes. haha i think i actually might now who this is, i went to school with a logan farnes, so that will definately be interesting, i might even have to train him, who knows.
That is cool that you are going back to work so you can stop being lazy..just kidding. but yeah let me know how that goes. and it sounds like you guys have a ton of stuff going on in the next couple weeks with camps and stuff, that sounds pretty fun. This week we don't have to much going on, we are meeting with two new potential investigators so here is to hoping that we can teach them a lot and baptize them.
anyways, i gotta run so i love you and will talk to you later have a good week. and i do have pictures this week so be thankful.

Monday, June 20, 2011


Yo yo yo yippy yie yippie yay
K i just wanted to start by copying and pasting a couple of things that you have said in the past two weeks and i will write a couple comments with them..
How's my favorite missionary doing this week? : ok who else would be your favorite missionary.. if i wasn't your favorite missionary by now then i would be a little bit worried.
Tyler and Jess came over on your birthday and when they walked in Jess said Happy Birthday Carson. I thought about you alot that day. Could you feel me thinking about you? : Could I feel you? haha i just think that is a little bit of a silly question. but thankyou for thinking about me on my birthday.

Ok. sorry i just thought that some of these comments were hilarious, so i had to point them out to you.
what has been going on lately? It seems like everyone is getting sick right now. You guys need
to start taking airborne or emergenC. It works like a charm for me. That or the Lord just blesses me because
I am a missionary.. Probably that one.
SO haha don't be mad at me but once again i totally forgot the camera. We are emailing at a different
library today and i didn't bring it. Today was transfers. Me and Elder Smith are both staying here in the area.
I am way excited though because the work here is going bomb.
SO let me just fill you in on the week.
This tuesday our ward mission leader set up an appointment for us to see some less active person in the wards, friend. So we go over there and we start teaching the 1st lesson. Talking about the restoration and stuff and its weird because she is acting like she knows it all.. apparently she took all the lessons 20 years ago. She has read the book of mormon, doctrine and covenants, and pearl of great price..twice..
so we were like ok, and i invited her to be baptized. She said when and where. haha..
so that one kind of just fell into our lap, it was awesome. She has a baptismal date for this saturday.
awesome yeah i know.
also the other thing is we had another person in the singles ward, that we set for baptism and he is super legit and has been to many activities and answers questions in insitute. So we are excited. That is happening at the end of July.
SO yeah the work here is going really well, and i'm pretty stoked to stay.
anyways thats what happened this week. Sorry the letter is so short but i got to go do
a ton of stuff for transfers, so i gotta go. love ya have a good week bye.

Monday, June 13, 2011


haha so i gotta fill you in on what happened to my cake. just to let you know, i forgot my camera so i cant send you a picture of it this week but i will next week. But i was trying to get that package forever, and the AP's were holding onto it, and they didn't bring it over until Saturday. SO i got it two days ago. The cake was absoluetely hammered. haha! it looked hilarious. i could barely even tell that it used to be a cake. But i did take some pictures of me blowing out the candles and a video singing happy birthday. And then pretending to eat the cake. SO it was a great thought, but it didn't help that it was a week old in a box, baking in the sun.
But thankyou for all the presents and everything. That tie is cool, i like it. SOmeone in the ward asked me if they make it in boys ties. haha but whatever, i told them to buzz off. It was cool, i the day before my birthday we were having dinner, and they were the only members that i think i even told that it was my birthday. ANd then the next morning(my bday) our truck had balloons and it was decorated, and they gave me a dairy queen gift card, so that was nice. I had a lot of people in the mission tell me happy birthday, and a couple families from my last area, so it was cool.
Yeah steve is writing me back in forth right now and he said he just wrote you back too, his mom still hasn't written me.
HE told me that last week he was super close to going home, but that would just be terrible. We have had a lot of missionaries
go home here because of medical problems, and it sucks because some of them cant come back either. We have one
missionery in our zone right now and he has a bad problem and he had to have surgery here and he might have to go home soon, and it would stink because he's a cool kid and hes from england.
Dag nabbit.. I'm so bummed that i can't go to the lemon family reunion. Those are like the best times of my life
yeah could you imagine if i actually meant that.. it would be cool to go golfing there though. i miss golfing a lot
so maybe when i get home we can go to hawaii and go to a sweet golf course. what you think about that?
Haha that is kinda creepy that she remembers you from elementary school. I had absoutely no clue that you came into
a class to help when i was in elementary. She must have a good memory, but i'm excited that derek is still dating that girl. She is a cool girl.
BEing a zone leader. I cover two stakes. and we are over the singles so we cant go tracting because the odds of finding someone while tracting is slim and the odds of us finding someone single while tracting is even more slim. SO yeah its all from like members and stuff. But recently we have had a lot of member support and a couple of members have actually been inviting which is awesome. We had an investigator come to church for the first time yesterday. And the ward fellowshipped him a ton, he has come to a bunch of activities too, so i hope we can get closer with him. I hope i actually stay here during the summer cause there is a lot of stuff going on and about to happen , so it should pick up fast. But yesterday in our 3rd hour they were talking about marriage the whole time to the singles and they were super blunt, saying get married if your over 25 you need to find a wife fast. haha and our investigator is 28, so who knows what he was thinking that whole time. I think the best part of being a zone leader is being able to be so close to the
stake president because we meet with him every week. He is way legit, hes like 70 years old and he used to live in kaysville, and he is a super mellow calm guy. But yesterday we showed him that someone in the zone had a baptismal date and he's like YEAHHHH and does a double fist pump while jumping in the air. haha i have never seen so much life out of an old guy. I was bustin up!
Anyways, i gotta run, thank you for the birthday presents again. Have a good week, keep me updated on whats going on
around the place. BYe. LOVE ELDER GNEHM

Monday, June 6, 2011


Happy birthday to me!
thanks for the happy birthday wishes! i should be getting the package tomorrow, i don't think that we can even receive mail on mondays, so i will get it on my birthday i guess. Grandma sent me an email and asked me if i feel any older. I said heck no, i still feel like I should be in high school. BUt then again, i talk with high school kids and i realize how annoying they truly are. yeah you are right you and dad are pretty dang old. time to retire, start traveling the world..when i get home of course. I'm thinking bahamas or hawaii.
Yeah tell me about weather, i'm baking in the sun lately. its been in the upper 80's and 90's, we are in a truck but when we are outside for a little bit, i just start losing my mind because its so dang hot.
Yeah that is kinda weird about hunter. he's got some principles down, like jesus died and rose again, but you might want to let him know that he didn't die because i went on a mission. Thats false doctrine. Bode is almost a year old now right? he was born in july? I don't know maybe i'm crazy but that sounds about right.
It is weird to think that i've been out almost a year. Time is going by faster and faster by each transfer. especially this transfer, oh my goodness, its done in two weeks. I feel like i've only been a zone leader for a week but i have been for a month. Yeah and i just thinking about it like sam has been out for close to 15 months. That is pretty wild. Time goes by fast, especially being in the singles ward, its weird because there are tons of return missionaries telling me how quick it goes, and then they talk about what its like to come home and stuff, and its like freak i dont want to hear about this i still have a year. I am not trunky yet. just to let you know.
The work here has been a little slow, in the two wards we have no investigators. We actually did get an old investigator that came though to an activity on saturday. He is pretty cool, we had a barbaque and he was just chatting with everybody and he felt really comfortable, he was supposed to come to church yesterday but something came up, but he is going to institute tomorrow which is cool. On saturday we also had zone leader council, and it was weird because this is probably going to be the last time i see president ely, but i am excited to meet pres toombs, he comes in july 1st.
This week president Ely has been having some trouble with some dumb missionaries. Two of which are in my zone. There was a missionary that is from mexico and he doesn't even have a licence and he was spotted by a member driving the car. So president is praying right now and we will find out today if both of them are being sent home. The bad thing about it is, one of them is supposed to go home in two weeks anyways, but still could go home early and the other one has been out 20 months. So yeah i might have to deal with that.
So tomorrow for my birthday i don't think i am going to do anything overly fancy, The Olsons, were actually going to come up here and take me out to dinner and stuff, but his work called him to go to Wyoming from monday to wednesday, so yeah thats not happening, so i'm just going to have a random family that i've never met feed me and not really celebrate it, its all good cause its not like i need cake, cause i get ice cream every day anyways.
Pickle balll is legit, we are probably going to play more today, its like a wiffle ball the size of a baseball, and a short net and a wooden paddle a little bigger then ping pong paddles. and its basically like tennis but different cause its not as faced paced because the wiffle ball, so its more about like angles and stuff, its way fun you should look at it on youtube or something.
anyways, thats about all i got to say for this week , love ya guys, hope you have a good week, let me know whats new and fresh.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Bike Tricks
Is Hunter in Colorado?????
My New Hometown


That is pretty sad about everyone getting together to be around the graves and everything, i dont think that i would have really
wanted to do that if i was there because it would be sad. but yeah, that is cool that the family got back together, maybe they
can remember about the plan of salvation.
FOr my memorial day we didn't do too much, we just went to a old families house and played pickle ball and horseshoes, which i am totally
amazing at by the way, not to brag or anything but i'm the most humble person i know. We had some awesome food though. tell dad
that i had grilled pineapple just to make him jealous and make one of those sounds that homer simpson makes when something is good.
Yeah we have had rain a ton this week too, its been like washington, always cloudy and raining a ton and i'm sick of it.
but i guess for the next two days its supposed to be in the 70s and 80s, so i am kinda excited for that.
Yeah i've heard about that book of mormon thing from south park. it sounds pretty lame. One of my roomates in college watched south park
a lot and it is not a good show at all. And yeah they are just stupid because they have nothing better to do than make musicals and things
about anti mormon stuff.. yeah that doesn't suprise me at all though that parker and pierce have watched it. That is just pretty stupid about
parker, he is just a pretty lazy kid in general and so with laziness satan will get you even harder beacuse you are being idle and there are
plenty more opportunities to do bad things when you aren't doing anything. that kid just needs to get out of the house. and just for the
record, being on my mission and looking at people that play video games all day is freaking annoying to see people like that. I know that i
played quite a bit but yeah when i get home i'm definately not going to be a couch potato. haha just yesterday we taught two kids and all
they wanted to talk about was halo and i was just like cool, i couldn't care less about that but i had to act interested to get them to like us.
yeah some people are weird. Being in the singles ward at least gives me examples of how i don't want to be when i get home from my mission.
I don't think i will even go to a singles ward at home because they do some weird activities. but who knows, we will see how awkward i am
after my mission.
Oh yeah those refferrals that i was telling you about, yeah she was actually moving like a week later so we never did get to teach her, she is
going to be in boulder so those missionaries are lucky. Zone conference was really good, president and sister ely were just giving their goodbyes
basically the whole time so it was pretty weird and it was like a long farewell and i was tired from sitting down for like 7 hours straight. Me and elder
smith gave a training to the zone that day for like 55 minutes. I have given so many trainings lately that it isn't even funny. But i think that i have
gotten pretty tight with a lot of the missionaries in the zone which is good because i can just tell them what they are doing wrong as a person and not
as a leader that has to do it. The day after our zone conference, we went to another zones zone conference and we did the vehicle expection, and
we were just going through checking tire pressures and oil and stuff like that and I gave out the clean car award to the people in the other zone.
It was a lot of fun, it seems like as a zone leader we are constantly just doing things either teaching people or doing things for the zone. which is good
and i like it.
Yeah i'm actually writing back in forth with derek right now. Yeah i went to like 1st through 9th grade with that girl, she is really nice, i like her, she is a cool girl. i am actually pretty excited to see what happens with the two of them. lets hope for the best.
anyways, i gotta run, i do have my camera so i will give you some pictures. hope that you guys have a good week, love ya bye.