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Tuesday, July 5, 2011


What up familia
Hey whats crackin? so this week was a pretty dang busy week for us, there was a lot of stuff that happened.
So yeah Friday was definately interesting, we got a call from some missionaries to help this guy move in our area,
so we went and met the people at some storage unit. and there were about 6 of them. Come to find out that every
single one of them was deaf. I don't know if you know, but its hard to know where to move boxes to when you cant
understand sign language. But it didn't stop them from trying to talk to us in sign language anyways. So yeah that was
crazy, i was definately singing count your many blessing that whole day.
Saturday we did meet President Toombs. He is from Logan utah. He is super cool guy. He just comes over to me the
first time i meet him and he's like hey man hows it going, and gives me some sort of bro hug that young guys do...you
wouldn't understand.. haha. but yeah he seems like a really good guy, he's down to earth and he's not as straight down
to business as president ely was. He was eating lunch with us too, and he was crackin jokes it was cool. In Zone Leader
Conference not too much changes were made, the only thing thats crazy is that next transfer every companionship
in the mission is getting a portable DVD player to watch the district dvds and the proselyting dvds like the restoration and such.
So yeah that will be interesting to see how that goes, and see how long it will be before our first problem happens with that
with some dumb missionaries. (probably soon)
Sunday we had the confirmation of our baptism that we had a couple weeks ago. It was good, haha but then she was like
Elders come here i have somethning thats been weighing on my mind all day. We were like oh great i hope she didn't drink
coffee or something. But she tells us how she woke up at 330 in the morning the day before by the sound of a trumpet
and she woke up looked out the windows at the stars and heard a voice say the marines have saved you. haha . so
i don't know exactly what that means, but it was cool..i guess? I dont know if i already told you this but there is a less active
that was offended in utah and we went there one day not knowing anything about them and they let us in. (apparently for the last couple
of years they have been super anti and yelled at everyone that comes over from the church) but we went in not knowing anything and
we talked and they came to church and have been there the last 3 weeks and are super excited about it now. haha they even brought a
non member to church on Sunday who wants to know more. haha so yeah less actives are doing more work then the active members
there is something wrong with that. but cool nevertheless.
And yesterday was a way fun 4th of July. We went to a breakfast with the ward in the morning, and got to know some people.
Then we spent the day with the berezay family.remember that family i told you that was stalking me. yeah them. haha they are probably
reading this so it will just make them mad, which makes me happy for some sick reason.. ALso i'll mention the Hawkins family because they are probably stalking me too, so i'll talk about them to make them happy. They are a cool fam, that made us funnel cakes, i don't know what it is either, and it was weird but it was actually pretty good. but anyways, yeah we went to their cousins house
and played some tennis with people, played corn hole. I don't know if you know what that is but you throw a bean bag into a hole. haha it sounds
pretty lame, but its actually kind of fun. its like horseshoes, with a bean bag. But it was super hot yesterday, i was dying.
But we stayed with them the whole day, and yeah we got to watch them light off some fireworks, and there were tons of people around us doing
some illegal ones so it was actually exciting. But a guy with us threw an m-80 (small dynamite) into a sewer, haha it was the loudest thing
I have ever heard in my life, it like shook the ground from across the street. It was cool. But yeah we hung out all day, and did that
i'll send some pictures of that, and also the cake. and also some pictures for dad of the guy in our ward who shot the worlds largest
moose. so show him those.
About alan coming to see us, i'll have to ask our mission president and see what he says, haha i have no idea. tell blaine fowler to take us our when he comes to fort collins to do sport games though.
Anyways, i gotta run but i'll get some pics. So i love you guys and hope you guys have a good week. BYE

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