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Monday, July 25, 2011


Hey there

To fill you in on the week, there is a surprise in here too..

So we did have both of our baptisms. The one on Wednesday was with Alisha Golsan she is 15, so the whole young womens sang the sisters in Zion song, for her and then they all went and had a movie night. SO that was pretty sweet. Then the baptism on Saturday happened, haha that was funny. So this guy that got baptized is literally crazy, he wanted to buy some refreshments for the baptism, so we were like, yeah cool man. he goes to the store and buys 5 types of ice creams, 5 different cases of soda, toppings for the ice cream. it all ended up to be 75 dollars worth of stuff. haha then the baptism was interesting, if you notice in the picture of him, he is wearing a shirt type thing under his baptism clothes yeah, he didn't want to take that off, at first he had a black shirt under and we told him he had to take it off. Then during the baptism, right before the closing hymn and prayer he gets up and walks to start getting some of the refreshments, haha so we essentially walked out of his own baptism. it was really funny.

But they both were baptized and confirmed so it was really cool and it has definately been a testimony builder for me that heavenly father is preparing people that are ready to hear the gospel. I read DC section 29 bout the elect, and these two that were just baptized are definately the elect.

So the surprise that i just found out about today, was that in the Eastlake ward ( my last ward) they just baptized one of the girls that i started teaching while i was there. The baptism was also yesterday. So last week i had a total of three baptisms. That would be kind of sweet if i could have that many every week for the rest of my mission!

Before i forget, i need a new SD card because my camera has like 15 more pictures that it can take before it is full, so if you could get more that would be legit.

You asked about Bobby, so i was on exchanges and I didn’t get to teach him, but Elder Smith went over there with a different companion, and they talked about the baptism and he said that he still wants to get baptized but he says that he doesn't think that he is ready. Its good though because he recognizes that it is a big commitment in his life, and so we will just try to help him over the next couple weeks, he should hopefully get baptized next transfer.

So yeah our transfers are in a week, i don't really know what is gonna happen. I think that i will probably stay and get a different companion cause he has been here for 3 transfers, but who knows with the new mission president. he doesn't really even know how long we've been here or where we have already served, so it would be sweet if he sent me back to Thornton as a zone leader.

Brother Olson called me today, he is going to Cheyenne and on the way back he is going to come visit me, so that will be pretty cool.

That is nuts that Bode is already 1 year old, tell him happy birthday for me, if he can even understand it. that will be cool.

So i sent you another picture and its of us and some of the singles ward in a food fight. It was pretty crazy. i borrowed some old guys clothes when i got to the house, and it smelled definately like old person. and he wears size 40 pants so that was cool. But the food fight was epic. There was soy sauce, peaches, salsa, hershey sauce, and the worst was pancake mix. That got in my ear and it crusted up and i was picking at it all night and some of the next morning. i wrecked the old guys clothes, but he didn't care, he is rich and he didn't really like those clothes anyways, so that was way fun.

How is the weather in Utah, its ridiculously warm outside. We went and did a mountain bike trail at a place called Devils backbone today,the place is super cool, you should check out some pictures of it. But it was ridiculously hot, the trail was difficult too, it almost wasn't even any fun, because it was 98 degrees when we were doing it..at 1200, right now its 100. I'm sick of the hot, living in the attic isn't the most spectacular thing ever either, its not that hot, but its definately never cool, and you know how i like it to be cool. oh well.

Anyways, that’s about all that i got for this week, so i hope that you guys had fun on your fishing trip, the pictures were cool, dad is looking super old cause he is 50 now, haha just kidding. Anyways, peace, love have a good week.


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