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Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Crazy Week
So i'll fill you in on what has been going on this week.
So that less active family that i told you about, how they have been completely
activated again, they haven't missed a day of church since we went over to their
house. Their 15 year old daughter went on girls camp, and we invited her to be
baptized, so she is getting baptized this wednesday. (tomorrow) Its awesome, because
its a lot like what happened in thornton, we activated the less active guy Aaron and then we
baptized Brandi. and its the same deal here, so i think that working with the less active part
member families is the best way to go. The young women are going to be singing at Alisha's
baptism tomorrow, and she is solid, its gonna be awesome.
The crazy guy that i told you about last week. . We went over there almost every day and taught
all the lessons super fast, and he has been to church every week since we have seen him.
He is getting baptized this Saturday. He is pretty solid, he still is absolutely crazy, but he really
does have a strong testimony of the gopsel, and he definately is ready. There has been a lot of blessings
lately, with these baptism, that have just come out so fast. The ward is super excited right now too, because
this ward hasn't had a baptism for over a year. And just in this last month we are going to have 3 baptisms. Muy bien.
In the singles ward we still have Bobby set with a baptism date, he came to church this sunday and he seems a little
bit solid. We are going to have to work on this one a little bit but hopefully all goes well with it, so please pray for him,
his name is bobby billanueva. He comes to a ton of activities though, he went to another baptism and he came to the
singles wards date night, which is 3 dates in a day. haha he was so weirded out by that though, he's like and...their parents
know about this right? haha dating is completely different when its outside LDS. but he enjoyed it and so hopefully all will go
well with him. With Laura, we invited her to be baptized, but the langauge barrier is kinda hard, she didn't really understand
that getting baptized in the church here will be the same if she gets baptized in columbia. She has a strong testimony but
she doesn't completely undeerstand and its hard to teach, but we are going over there on friday for dinner, so hopefully we can
get her brother to teach it to her.
So yeah that is how the work is going right now. Its crazy good, its awesome right now. It definately keeps me excited,
and helps me to enjoy missionary work a lot.
As far as fun things going on. We went golfing yesterday with some old guy who is a non member. He's like 80 years old, but he
is a boss. He paid for all our stuff. I did suprisingly good for how long its been since i have played. I actually didn't do bad at all.
we did 18 holes and i ended with a 92. My drives were incredible sometimes, and i had like 4 or 5 putts that tiger himself would
be impressed with. It was way fun, i miss golfing a lot. It was good to do that.
Then right after, we went up with a couple people from the singles ward to Estes Park. I sent pictures of it. It was way cool up there.
we saw a moose and a ton of deer. It was so hard to breathe up their though. We walked up a hill and i was struggling. The whole reason that
we wanted to go up there was to get a picture with the sign that says how high it is. But the trail to get up to the very top was closed. So we
only made it to 11750 ft. But it was still cool, the trail ridge road up to there is super pretty, and i got some good pictures. Estes is a cool
city too, we didn't spend much time there but i want to go back and check out the shopping stuff.
So yeah it was a really good week, so this week we just have to get those baptisms underway, and make sure that they happen,
and it will be even better.
Thankyou for putting my pictures on facebook, if you want to put these new ones that would be awesome thanks. :)
Well i gotta run, love you have a good week, by the way i haven't gotten a package in a while :) haha
love ya bye

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