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Monday, July 11, 2011


haha that stinks that dad got poison ivy. that sounds miserable. how is dads work and stuff going? i sent him a letter last week
with pictures of the testosterzone but he never wrote me back, jerk. just kidding but seriously.
Lucky, i want to go golfing so bad. But i can tell you a story that happened this week.
So remember how i told you about the inactive family that has been coming back and they brought the non member to church
last sunday. yeah so we went over to his house this week, his name is tyrone. haha he is absolutely nutsss.
We spent 3 hours at his house, yeah we didn't mean to but a lot of crazy stuff happened. so he just got a horse, and he doesn't know
how to take care of a horse at all. he was like elbowing it trying to get it to go a certain direction. so he was like alright lets take my
horse for a walk. so we did. he was just talking crazy the entire time. then we got to some mountain side, and he';s like check out
the fossils in these rocks...there were no fossils, it was like dirt. The whole time he was talking about his dad that lives next to him
and about how his dad is out to "get him" He said that his dad has threatened him, and he also said that like 5 other people have
threatened to kill him also. haha yea we don't know if its true or if he's off his rocker. But the reason that i told you this was because
we were trying to leave and get home, because we were already there forever. Then he's like hey i just got a new taylor made golf club,
do you like golf? haha yes. so he lives off in the mountains all by himself secluded from the real world obviously. ANd he gets a sack
of golf balls, and we just start hitting golfballs down into the valley from his back yard. haha. It was awesome, and it made me want to go
golfing really bad. anyways yeah that was my crazy experience for the week. But we met with the guy again, he came to church again
and he really wants to be baptized, and so we are just working on the lessons right now and if nothing goes wrong he should be getting
baptized within the next two weeks.
We got another new investigator in the singles ward. Her name is laura. she is from columbia, she speaks very little english but she refuses
to take the discussions from spanish missionaries because she wants to learn her english. She is awesome though, we taught lesson 2 and 3
about the plan of salvation and the gospel of jesus christ, and she seems pretty solid. Her fellowshipper was telling us that the concern that
is going to be the biggest problem is coffee. because she is from columbia where the grade a coffee is from. So hopefully she can get over that
but she moves back to columbia next month so we will have to be swift. haha she is funny though and she has a little 14 year old brother named
niko, and we went to a ward barbaque in lyons. Both of them were playing frisby and volleyball for the first time and it was hilarious.
but Lyons, it an awesome place. It is really close to estes park which by the way we are going to next week. but in lyons we were at meadow park
and the mountains that were surrounding it were awesome. I want to go back there for another p day and try to find some sweet hiking trails.
WOw that seems weird that callie knight is getting married, didn't the knighton girl get married too? who else is getting married and getting
there mission calls? is brayden christensen planning on going on a mission. pierce wrote me about 2 months ago and said that he was at church
with an emo girl and they were all over each other the whole time. sounds pretty filthy. how is gavin and kyle and taylor doing, are they still
trying to be cool, and not going to church?
haha to answer your question if it would be weird if things worked out with them. yes. but it would also be pretty cool because i dont need to learn who she is that much, because I already know her, and so that was good. It took me a little while to warm up to jess..haha just kidding.
you can tell her i told you that.
Can you do me a favor though, either you or derek or jess, if you could put the pictures that i have emailed to you, on my facebook, that would be awesome.
i always have members that tell me that they have looked at my facebook, and if i could have a ton of pictures from my mission on there that would be
pretty sweet. so please. Do i have to commit you and promise blessings? cause i wont.
Welp, i should probably get running, love ya, have good week, be safe, play lots of golf and tennis without me, see what i care.
haha chao.
love elder gnehm.

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