mis-sion-ary (noun): someone who leaves their family for a short time so that others may live with their families for Eternity.

Monday, December 20, 2010


HEYY! its kinda crazy to think that i get to talk to you guys this saturday. I am excited. I don't care you can do the speaker phone thing or whatever you want because i don't have much time to talk. I have 45 minutes. I am going to lunch at 12 so it will probably be anywhere from 12 to 2. I did get you and dereks packages, no i didnt open them. I was thinking about it and then my companion told me not too. haha so you can thank him for that. I got a couple of cards, one from beretts and the other one from the preece? I also got one from cindy and one from debbie and their family so would you please tell all of them thanks, i will write a letter to them but if ou could just say thanks that would be cool. WhAAAt! that is crazy that devin is already home, i can remember the day that he left and it really didn't seem like it was that long ago. I bet that vern and susan are pretty happy to have him home. Colorado is still going pretty good. It is so warm here, its alwas like high 50's and it has only snowed 1 inch but it didn't even stck to the ground. I heard that in Utah it is pretty snowy and it was raining yesterday. haha suckers. I am convinced that it doesn't even snow here in denver. The work here is going alright. We have 3 main investigators that we are working with but one isn't really progressing and one might be baptized and the other one looks pretty promising but unfortunately we can't go over for 2 weeks because they are going to be way busy with the holidays and stuff. Me and my companion do get along pretty well, he is from oregon and he has only been out for a transfer and he is a really good teacher and good with showing love even to the crazy people. that is something that i am definately still working on. The people that we are living with are really nice, they are kinda crazy haha but they are fun and they buy us something things every once in a while so they are cool. Well i don;t really have all that much to write to you guys today because i will just talk to you on saturday. So i love you and hope you have a good rest of the week. TALK TO YOU SOON! LOVE ELDER GNEHM!

Monday, December 13, 2010



Whats going on? how is utah going?
I love the thought "It doesn't matter what you have in your life, it just matters who you have in your life". We have been watching the Joy to the World DVD with a lot of members after dinner and it is a really great movie, just to remember that we have Christ in our lives and that we don't need to worry about material things, but i still want a dirtbike when i get home :) haha.

I have to tell you about the crazy week that we have had. SPIRITUAL THOUGHT TIME:
So this week we tracted and we found a potential who told us to come back and she would love to hear more about the book of mormon. So we went back and the first thing she says is how can you guys believe this is true. Its complete blasphemy. So yeah we kind of bible bashed for a while and she eventually said that Jospeh Smith was a con artist. . And i flipped out, and got so angry, ..You do not call a prophet of God a con artist. but she didn't listen. So we just left. Then we had another guy bash with us and another lady that told us that we are not confined here and anything that makes us feel stress we should stop doing, and she said you guys can go home whenever you want, just remember that. Haha. And I said no, you don't understand that I am out here because I want to be here. So we have had three people bash with us in the last couple of days and it has actually grown my testimony because I know without a doubt that this is the true church. The lady also said, it is so nice that you guys are so young and you are still seeking for answers but you haven't quite found them. I'm like no sorry we are done looking we have found the gospel of Jesus Christ on the earth and we are here to share it with the rest of the world. I think that it is good that people have their beliefs and they are trying to convert us. But they don't know the full truths and they don't know that as a missionary I am not going to convert to their religion because of my strong testimony of the book of mormon and Joseph Smith. I am so blessed that I have the church in my life and that I was raised to know the truth.
So yeah that is my spiritual thought for the week.
Anyways, i gotta run, so i love you all and hope that you have a great week. and a merry christmas.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


The McDuffees from Arvada 6th Ward
Carson and Companion on Thanksgiving Day
Church in Thornton-Notice the Budweiser Truck
Carson said they were actually delivering beer there


Yo yo yo what is going on. The weather here has been crazy warm, they hit a high last week for warmest that it has been in the month of december. The last couple days has been about 50's or 60's. its been sunny, but in the night time it gets chilly willy .
The area is alright i guess. We are teaching way more lessons and having more less actives come to church then we ever did in arvada. Its a pretty selfish thing to say but we don't have the awesome ward members that we did like back in arvada, here most of the ward is really old people and a lot of crazy people. But it is ok, its not like that is what i am focusing on, the work is definately what needs to be done and if we are getting people to churcfh that is good. We have a couple investigators that we are teaching right now, one of them is frustrating and will not go to church even though she knows that the book of mormon is true and that joseph smith was a prophet. We have another investigator who's husband has been less active since he was about 13 but they are pretty golden, hopefully she will get baptized in the near future. So i have an awesome story to tell you, So we went to a house that we got from a headquarters referral and we knocked on the door and they didn't answer so we went and sat on a bench across the street and made some phone calls. Then we see the door at his house open and he walks out and sees us (its pretty dark) and he stops like a deer in the headlights, and runs behind his motor home, then we see him army crawl on this cement to get to his truck that is on the other side of the street and then we see him pop up next to his truck door and get inside and drive off. haha. it was awesome, that guy is golden and is going to be the newest member of our ward fo sho. aww good times as a missionary.
I am still on a bike, but the last couple of weeks we have been walking everywhere, this ward is tiny and my bike gets flats like nobody's business. But we have a member that is a bikologist and he found me some mountain bike tires that i can put on my bike so i am going over there to get those on today.
I did get a chance to watch the christmas devotional yesterday and that is what i will give my spiritual message about.
So as i was watching and thinking about what the first presidency was talking about with the church is to remember those that are less fortunate then you and to give to others that can use it more. On sunday we taught elders quorum on the subject of charity, and as i was thinking about the pure love of christ, i thought a lot about what christ did when he was on the earth and all the miracles that he performed to help the less fortunate. We should be taking our saviors example by generously helping others that are in need as well. When you are in the service of your fellow being, you are only in the service of your God. By helping others out during this holiday season, we will be showing our heavenly father that we care about him and through helping others we will feel great about what we have done and how we have been charitable for others.
So yeah that is my spiritual thought this week, I hope that you guys have an awesome week and that the holiday season is great for you guys. Have a good time in the snow, because right now in colorado it is cookin. LOVE ELDER GNEHM.

Friday, December 3, 2010


was up was up? My thanksgiving went really well! We had a lunch at 1:00 and then we had anothe dinner at 4:00, haha so i ate like crazy. The last couple days i have been eating like a porker and i have gained 4 pounds, but i've been working out so that should be ok right? haha if not i'll be a balloon. Our dinner was pretty cool because we had it with a family who had a return missionary come home that week, and he came from cleveland ohio and he actually knew my old companion Elder Horner's family. So yeah, he gave his homecoming talk this sunday and he was nervous out of his face and he hardly could talk and he was shaking like no other, so i hope i am not like that at all when i come back. I am excited for grandmas rolls, hopefully she sent them through mail and not through ups so i can get them and not have to have the zone leaders pick it up from the Mission Office. Things with my new companion are going good. Its crazy he has only been out 1 transfer, but he is an extremely good Elder. he is not nervous at all to teach and he is better than i am in a lot of things. So haha i don't know, we both have our strengths and weakness but he is way good right now, he will probably be an ap or something. Haha i don't want to be an AP, don't you put that on me! haha if it happens, it happens, but i hope it doesn't :) . It was actually pretty warm this week, its been about 50's and we haven't seen any snow that has stuck yet. But this next week i hear it is supposed to be bad, and outside right now it is windy as cow and cold. Anyways, yeah this new area, is so far not as great as my last. In arvada i felt more like i was at home and in this ward it just isn't the same. In church when the RM gave his homecoming talk, he ended 20 minutes early. haha. so yeah the bishop got up and said well since we have so much time, we have a new elder in the ward so we are going to invite him to come and bear his testimony and talk a little bit about himself. haha. So yeah i had to get up on the spot in sacrament and take 10 minutes and bear my testimony. Then i also gave the lesson in gospel principles, they are trying to break me in. haha but its all good, i think i did pretty well in both of them. I hope that you guys have an awesome week. I. Love you bye. LOVE ELDER GNEHM!