mis-sion-ary (noun): someone who leaves their family for a short time so that others may live with their families for Eternity.

Monday, September 27, 2010


Hey hows it hangin!?
So me and my comp are not getting along too well right now. He is so prideful and cocky that it is driving me up the wall. We get along a lot of the time but when he does it 24/7 it starts to make me go crazy. Last week we were sitting in front of taco bell and one of the kids that flips the little ceasers pizza signs was looking over at us. And my comp yelled hey get over here. And was yelling at the kid because he was "staring" at us. and the kid was scared out of his mind and was just a way shy kid and didn't know what was giong on. My comps like get out of here and go flip your sign. So the kid just walked away and was way scared. I got in my comps face and chastised him. I yelled at him and don't him that kid did not deserve it and to stop being so prideful, looking to pick a fight all the time. I told him to go apologize to the kid, and he did. We have gotten in 3 yelling at each other fights this week alone. We actually sat down with the zone leaders on saturday night at like 10 at night till 12 talking about it and stuff. the ward right next to us were having the same problems. Theres a lot to expalin. because my comp now was with the guy in 5th ward last transfer. And the one that he was comps with is training someone and he is a little bit slow. So they are having a hard companionship too. Which was why i got in another fight with my comp because I told him to stop making fun of the other new kid because i dont want him to go home. So i feel like i am diong the right things but my comp and the older 5th ward guy hates me because of it. But i don't really care, we have to just get along until transfers and if i feeli like I am diong the right thing and what Christ would want me to do then i shouldm't feel bad about it. Because the fights that we get in are always me trying to help somebody else out. I don't know i think that it is a little ridiculous. I'm definately not like discouraged and thiking about going home because you know me, i am relax and chill and wouldn't go home just because someone was making me mad. But i just don't want the other new kid to go home because his comp is making him mad. Theres a lot going on so sorry if you don't quite understand it all. But hey sorry this week i wont be able to do pictures because everyone is leaving the library and i'm going to have to leave right now. So don't worry about me i will deal with it. And i've been praying a lot lately to have patience so you could also pray for me. Anways i love you guys and have a good week. I will send pics next time i promise.

Monday, September 20, 2010


Wazzzzup. So I am doing a whole lot better this week. Me and Elder Horner are doing really well together now. It still is kind of hard with my family but we have good news because we are trying to get moved out this week. They are basically telling us that they dont want us here because they have been housing missionaries for over a year now and usually its only for 3 months. I think it is time for a change. Because they keep judging us. They told the zone leaders when they came to our place to get our bikes that they couldn't take mine because they are a members and i shouldn't use it anyways. Little do they know that I bought that. But yeah I will send you guys some pictures next week. That was a cool picture. That a was ginormous fish i'll tell you what. So yesterday we went to see the dvd of the trek fireside that the youth just got back from and it was making me trunky off my face. Haha because it made me remember my trek and all the people back at home. I'm fine now. Every once in a while i think about people and how they are doing but ultimately it last for like 5 minutes then my mind wonders somewhere else. So that baptism on saturday was awesome! his brother in law was the one that baptized him. Most of the time since we have a lot of members here a member will do it. Haha we stayed for another baptism that was in our ward but actually wasn't because he came from california to get baptismed here because his family lives here. So we stayed for that and the guys that was baptizing him was way old and he couldn't hold him so when he was dunking him he dropped him in the water and it was kind of hard not to laugh. I was like Elder horner have you ever seen that before. he said nope thats a first. The baptism was so spirtiual though and its awesome to think that we have helped their whole family and a lot of their family to come. He has 3 little boys so that is possibly 3 future missionaries. its cool to think about that.
So my spiritual thought is about what i said earlier. And how cool it is to have a baptism from someone that i have been teaching for a while and seeing the change in his and his wife's countanences. Also to think that it will bless his kids lives and possibly have 3 future missionaries. It makes me think about abinidi and how he only baptized one person. alma. but from that alma baptized thousands of people. So It makes me think that every soul is precious in the eyes of the lord. And imagine what it would feel like to bring more souls unto Christ. I love that scripture. Well that is what i got to say for this week. I love you guys and have a good week.

Monday, September 13, 2010


HOLA. The days are going by so much faster with my new companion because we joke around and we are working a lot harder than with my last comp. We are being obedient with my new companion but we can actually joke around but when we get into homes we get serious and down to business. Sometimes he is super cocky though and i have to remind him to calm down and be humble.

Um yeah so my comp is good. we get along good. Right now we are having some troubles with the people we are living with though. They are driving us crazy because they think we are not being obedient and not working. They always just tell us the things that we are doing wrong and they never talk to us besides that. Everyone in the ward tells us that they are just strange and that they dont like anyone but it just makes it hard because they are just judging us based on nothing. But its ok its just how they are. We are just going through a tough week right now. But anyways we have a baptism this saturday that i am way excited for. This guy is the greatest. he is way ready. when he had the interview the zone leader said that was the best interview for a investigators baptism that he has ever had. We are teaching like 15-20 lesson a week. We are teaching way more lessons now than i was with Elder Daniels. The meals that we have are good. Anyways i am doing good. and sorry but i dont have time to write a message because i have to go. but i love you and will talk to you next week!
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Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Hey whats crackin? I cant believe that the basement flooded. Because thats what i have been doing at a members house for service for like the past month. This members sub pump isn't working and they had a broken pipe so it was unleashing stuff into their basement that smelled like straight up poop. And we have been tearing out their dry wall and carpet and everything their. Haha so yeah i know exactly what you guys are talking about but they left it for a couple months so it smelled absolutely terrible in there! But yeah as far as Camerons Baptism that is awesome huh? It is still on. this guy is totally ready. He asks us like a bagillion questions every day about random stuff and his baptism so he really wants to make it work. He is one of my favorite people. he is awesome. he told me that we would be good friends if he was my age and lived in utah haha, he kind of reminds me of steve. My companions name is Elder Horner and he is from Cleveland Ohio, he has been out for 15 months. So that makes him the greatest.( haha he was looking at my comp so i had to write that) but we do get along well and he is a harder worker than my lost companion. And we crack jokes so it makes the day go by a lot faster which is also good.
K so here is my story. So after church this sunday we were taking a quick lunch nap before we went back out and i woke up to a phone in my face and i answered and it was a member who kind of struggles and he was telling me that he wanted to be removed from the records and was asking me what he needed to do to do it because he knew that my dad was a bishop so he thought i would know. But i was completely out of it and dead tired so i didnt really know what was going on and i dont even know what i said, but when i called him back later he acted like nothing had happened and he didn't say anything about that. I talked to our bishop about it and he told me that something like this has happened before with him. It makes me realize how satan will just through thinks at people and try all kinds of things out to make people fall away from the church. and that you have to be strong when something comes your way because if you are not then maybe the thing that Satan tells you to do will make you fall away. He's not gonna tell you to rob a bank but it will be a little thing like taking a candy from a baby and then eventually the spirit will leave you and then it has you doing drugs and things that will make you fall away. So i know that Satan is real and that we need to continue to pray each day and to read our scriptures daily so that we can be in tune with the spirit and become closer to God and have a strong testimony.
K love you have a good week.