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Monday, September 27, 2010


Hey hows it hangin!?
So me and my comp are not getting along too well right now. He is so prideful and cocky that it is driving me up the wall. We get along a lot of the time but when he does it 24/7 it starts to make me go crazy. Last week we were sitting in front of taco bell and one of the kids that flips the little ceasers pizza signs was looking over at us. And my comp yelled hey get over here. And was yelling at the kid because he was "staring" at us. and the kid was scared out of his mind and was just a way shy kid and didn't know what was giong on. My comps like get out of here and go flip your sign. So the kid just walked away and was way scared. I got in my comps face and chastised him. I yelled at him and don't him that kid did not deserve it and to stop being so prideful, looking to pick a fight all the time. I told him to go apologize to the kid, and he did. We have gotten in 3 yelling at each other fights this week alone. We actually sat down with the zone leaders on saturday night at like 10 at night till 12 talking about it and stuff. the ward right next to us were having the same problems. Theres a lot to expalin. because my comp now was with the guy in 5th ward last transfer. And the one that he was comps with is training someone and he is a little bit slow. So they are having a hard companionship too. Which was why i got in another fight with my comp because I told him to stop making fun of the other new kid because i dont want him to go home. So i feel like i am diong the right things but my comp and the older 5th ward guy hates me because of it. But i don't really care, we have to just get along until transfers and if i feeli like I am diong the right thing and what Christ would want me to do then i shouldm't feel bad about it. Because the fights that we get in are always me trying to help somebody else out. I don't know i think that it is a little ridiculous. I'm definately not like discouraged and thiking about going home because you know me, i am relax and chill and wouldn't go home just because someone was making me mad. But i just don't want the other new kid to go home because his comp is making him mad. Theres a lot going on so sorry if you don't quite understand it all. But hey sorry this week i wont be able to do pictures because everyone is leaving the library and i'm going to have to leave right now. So don't worry about me i will deal with it. And i've been praying a lot lately to have patience so you could also pray for me. Anways i love you guys and have a good week. I will send pics next time i promise.

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