mis-sion-ary (noun): someone who leaves their family for a short time so that others may live with their families for Eternity.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Hey whats crackin? I cant believe that the basement flooded. Because thats what i have been doing at a members house for service for like the past month. This members sub pump isn't working and they had a broken pipe so it was unleashing stuff into their basement that smelled like straight up poop. And we have been tearing out their dry wall and carpet and everything their. Haha so yeah i know exactly what you guys are talking about but they left it for a couple months so it smelled absolutely terrible in there! But yeah as far as Camerons Baptism that is awesome huh? It is still on. this guy is totally ready. He asks us like a bagillion questions every day about random stuff and his baptism so he really wants to make it work. He is one of my favorite people. he is awesome. he told me that we would be good friends if he was my age and lived in utah haha, he kind of reminds me of steve. My companions name is Elder Horner and he is from Cleveland Ohio, he has been out for 15 months. So that makes him the greatest.( haha he was looking at my comp so i had to write that) but we do get along well and he is a harder worker than my lost companion. And we crack jokes so it makes the day go by a lot faster which is also good.
K so here is my story. So after church this sunday we were taking a quick lunch nap before we went back out and i woke up to a phone in my face and i answered and it was a member who kind of struggles and he was telling me that he wanted to be removed from the records and was asking me what he needed to do to do it because he knew that my dad was a bishop so he thought i would know. But i was completely out of it and dead tired so i didnt really know what was going on and i dont even know what i said, but when i called him back later he acted like nothing had happened and he didn't say anything about that. I talked to our bishop about it and he told me that something like this has happened before with him. It makes me realize how satan will just through thinks at people and try all kinds of things out to make people fall away from the church. and that you have to be strong when something comes your way because if you are not then maybe the thing that Satan tells you to do will make you fall away. He's not gonna tell you to rob a bank but it will be a little thing like taking a candy from a baby and then eventually the spirit will leave you and then it has you doing drugs and things that will make you fall away. So i know that Satan is real and that we need to continue to pray each day and to read our scriptures daily so that we can be in tune with the spirit and become closer to God and have a strong testimony.
K love you have a good week.

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