mis-sion-ary (noun): someone who leaves their family for a short time so that others may live with their families for Eternity.

Monday, August 30, 2010


So I got the call on saturday about transfers. But there is a story before it. So there is this missionary that is in our district right now(1st transfer) who is a little annoying because he acts like he is black and talks like he is black but he is super white. End of story..thats my new companion. haha. I get him tomorrow actually. He really is a good missionary when he is teaching but he just needs to tone down the black personality. He was actually in the ward that I am in now 6th ward last transfer so he was just barely here and he is coming back. When i told a lot of the members that he was coming back almost everyone said the same thing. WHY?! haha. He kind of drives the members crazy because of the cocky attitude and stuff but like I said when he needs to be serious, he is a good missionary. I will have to humble him a little. I already humbled him at basketball so i can humble him at life? yeah. His name is Elder Horner and he is from cleveland ohio. He has been out about a year now. I am going to kind of miss Elder Daniel, he was a little bit different at times but he is a GREAT missionary. I hope in 2 years that i can be as good and as obedient as he was. Elder Daniel is from Nampa, Idaho. He is a little bit excited to go home. He was not trunky at all but yesterday was his actual last day of proselyting so he is pretty excited to go. Who can blame him. But he also says he would stay another year if he could. I am way glad that I am staying because we are doing very well with the investigators that we have right now. and we have a baptism coming up! number 2 baby! here is my story.
His name is Cameron Burris and we have been teaching him since i first got here. Missionaries were teaching with him before and they never really got too far with him. His wife has been a less active member of the church for many years now. When i went to see him the first time he was like, you guys should really call before you come and was kind of not very excited that we were there and stuff. But we started teaching him the discussions all over again from the restoration and we could gradually see the change in him. During this time his wife was striving to do better as well, her sister is also in the ward and is an active member so she was helping the both of them. After a period of time the wife Elissa got her patriarchal blessing and you could tell that there was something different about her, she had a glow to her and she was a lot more happy. She would also ask questions like could she be sealed to her family if Cameron was not baptized. We said no. So you could tell that that had made Cameron think a lot more about being baptized. They go to church about every week but it is only for sacrament meeting. last week Cameron came for all 3 blocks of church and you could tell that he was so much more interested because he was involved and he had a reason to change. He has gained a testimony for himself that the Book of Mormon is true and that the church is true. He called us during the week and started asking questions about being baptized and stuff and told us some concerns but eventually he said eh wants to be baptized and he set a date for september 18th. He is flying his family out to come see it. He is very serious about it and you can see that glow in him now as well. When he came to church this week everyone was saying how much different he seems and how he has that glow and how he is more open to talking to people. Cameron is awesome, he is my favorite investigator right now and will probably be my favorite member. So my message from all that is just how the gospel can definately change lives and people can notice that there is a glow about them when they do accept it. Which brings me to another point that we should show to non members how we have our values and they can see that glow in us and see that we our different. And they will start asking questions about why we do certain things, which brings us to our duty to share the gospel to everyone.
Well thats all i have for the week. have a good week ya guys and i love you!
Love Elder Gnehm.

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