mis-sion-ary (noun): someone who leaves their family for a short time so that others may live with their families for Eternity.

Monday, August 2, 2010


HEY der. Arvada is so dang hot. haha. it is starting to cool down and the rain clouds are starting to come in the middle of the day to cool us off. but i am loving the area that i am in.
The people in my ward are pretty cool. They just got done with the trek on saturday and sunday they had an awesome testimony meeting that was dominated by youth with there experiences. As far as success goes, we are doing pretty well. It seems like the people that we teach all just want to talk because they love missionaries instead of having a spiritual lesson. I think its cuz all the last missionaries went over just to chat and gave a 2 second lesson. I am not getting discouraged at all. I think its kind of funny when people want nothing to do with us. I wish they would accept it but we cant force it on them. Haha that is funny that you were having bad vibes on saturday. My companions and i were on the far side of the ward that was completely opposite from where our house is and his tire went flat. A nail went through his tube so we had to walk from the entire end to end back to our house with our bikes. Maybe that is why you were feelingbad. So its been so hot and i have been on a bike so much that my first week i lost 5 lbs. So now i am starting to eat like a porker so i dont get too skinny. I never thought i would have to eat more on this mission. Yeah i was thinking about grandpa the other day when we were at this house with both the Woman and the Man were in Scooter chairs. Grandpa needs to get the one like this guy had it would recline completely and would haul butt. haha. But yeah i think that would be a good idea too cause i was watching this guy try to do stuff and it looked really hard and he said that he was just really ready to die pretty much. As far as sister slater its called longmont and that is where elder aamodt is at right now. My area is a pretty big town. I would compare it to layton i guess because its pretty big and it has rich on one side and poor on another side. K i will give you a somewhat spiritual message. We have been teaching a lot of less active people because we dont have very many new investigators. And so we have been trying to go to a lot the (LA)'s less actives. houses and no one was home or they didn't want to talk with us. So we went to this one guys house named Roy Ireson, and while we were teaching about the restoration i felt the spirit in the room that was really strong. Now it wasn't tell after the lesson that we left and we were riding home on our bikes and i still felt the spirit pretty strong. As i was turing on a street i was about to take the corner on the wrong side of the road but something told me that i shouldn't do that. So i swerved my bike to the right side of the road and right when i did a car turned the corner going way too fast. I know that it was because of the spirit that i felt that grew as i was teaching that it was with me to save me from getting hit by a car. . yeah that is my story for now. But yeah you can use that or not, its not really a great story haha. but ya i will email dad, hope you are doing well love you guys.

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