mis-sion-ary (noun): someone who leaves their family for a short time so that others may live with their families for Eternity.

Monday, November 29, 2010


Heyyy. Yeah that is pretty cool that the Browns came over and got to talk to you guys. Yeah they are a really cool family. Yeah so i am senior companion to Elder Goesch. He is not the 25 year old. When i got calls from my zone leaders they told me i would be with elder gochez fwho went to africa but went home and came back out to here. And so i on transfer day i went to the mission office where a lot of missionaries were waiting to be transfered and I saw elder gochez and i was talking to him and I found out that it wasn't me who was his new companion. So i asked my zl's and they were like oh its elder Goesch. haha so yeah he is my companion. He is from oregon and has been out 1 transfer. He seems like he really works hard and will be a good missionary. He actually knows some people that i know because he went to byu, he doesn't know trent or matt but he knows some other people. Its gonna be an alright transfer, we're not going to be the best of buddies or anything but he wants to work so thats all that I care about. as long as he isnt lazy. I have just gotten along great with my last two companions but i guess i cant expect to have that every transfer. Its all good though. So i am in Thornton which is probably 30 minutes away from arvada. in the east lake ward. It was a little bit hard to say goodbye to some of the people back in arvada, and i'm going to definately miss the other missionaries that were in our zone. Especially my zone leaders. they were both awesome. I am just going to have to learn this area and find some awesome members and teach the good word and it will be alright.
So that is crazy that it is snowing. apparently tomorrow it is supposed t snow but outside right now it is pretty warm. Are you guys excited for thanksgiving? . I already met the people that are feeding us and they are a little different. haha. they are my companions favorite family though so, yeah i'm just going to have to endure this week until i go to church and find some real cool members. haha.
Mom, that is awesome that whatever the doctors saw the first time it went away, definately heavenly father had a hand in it and you were blessed because of your worthiness and faith in him. So yeah is there anything crazy going on at home, whats happening with the fam? i hope that you guys have a good thanksgiving. I hope i do too. haha. alrighty love you bye. LOVE ELDER GNEHM

Monday, November 15, 2010


Renee Alvarez Baptism

hey hey hey. haha no i didn't break her leg. I had to do it twice because her elbow was up a little bit the first time. I saw it while i was doing it too and i wanted to do a pile drive to get that thing down there. haha its all good though, it was my first baptism I performed and it went really well. The confirmation, i was pretty nervous for though, but I did it fine and everyone in the ward told me that i did a good job. Ha so i feel way bad for Renee though. So on her baptisimal program that spelled her name wrong with only one e RENE. and then on sunday they were like and now we will witness the confirmation of renee alvagado. Her last name is alvarez. Where they got that i have no clue. haha so yeah no one can get her name right. But we have had dinner over at her house twice the last week and their family loves us now. They still aren't way interested but at least they don't think she just joined a cult. Her daughter went to the baptism at least. The mission president was not there but this morning we got a call from him and he said i'm outside. So we were like oh crap what did we do wrong so he came down and said Elder Blomdal I need to talk to you. And apparently his uncle just died yeseterday in a hunting accident. Apparently his cousin was shooting at an elk and his dad stood up right when he shot and shot his dad. That would be so incredibly hard. So yeah today hasn't been to great for my comp. But i'll help him get through it. Anyways, the bike ride wasn't too bad. A lot of it was uphill and my comp has been riding bikes for a while and he had to wait for me for like a minute or two to let me know where to go. But we still beat the record of the fastest time. We had a competition with a family in the 4th ward that are legit. they want me to date their daughter who lives in utah and plays tennis and stuff. haha i've had people try to set me up a couple times. One of their daughters is on the weber tennis team. and she is apparently on a lot of buses and stuff. So derek should go look for a alisha pyne at weber.. UM YES why would i not want grandmas rolls. When you sent cinammon rolls they tasted fine, and her rolls are the bomb diggity. You should have her rethink.
Yeah now that we baptized her we don't have too many promising investigators. There is one family named the fletchers that we are teaching, the daughter is interested but the family i think isn't to interested, they just love us. I will let you know next week if i am getting transfered or not. I hope i leave but i also like my companion here. SO i dunno whatever happens will be for the best. its not up to me. i'll send you some pictures. SO have a good week and i love you. LOVE ELDER GNEHM

Dominque's Baptism

Monday, November 8, 2010


ELLO ELLO ELLO! whats happening in utah? So yes Renees baptism is still happening on Saturday, and I heard that the mission presdient might be there so if i drop her in the water or something i'm going to feel really dumb. I'll be junior for the rest of my mission :) Yes i am still confirming her too which i have never done so i have to memorize how to do that. It is way cool to see her getting baptized as well because we have seen her change so much since we have been teaching her. Unfortunately though after she gets baptized, we are not going to have very much to do. We have two investigator families but neither are really progressing all that much. So hopefully We can find more people out of referalls or tracting. That would be really cool if you and dad went on a senior couples mission. Haha that is just funny to say senior about you guys. I dont know why.
Anyways I thought that your spiritual message was really cool, I liked where it talked about the youth of this generation is here and set aside for a reason because they are some of the strongest to help the church. Did you use that in your talk? You should have if you didnt' haha. Yeah that would be cool to tell them about that.
Anyways, sorry but this will have to be a shorter letter because we have to get giong because we are doing an 18 mile bike ride today for P day. so i'll probably be dead tired tonight. anyways have a fun birthday party and i love you and hope you have an awesome week! Love Elder Gnehm