mis-sion-ary (noun): someone who leaves their family for a short time so that others may live with their families for Eternity.

Monday, September 26, 2011



That is way cool that Ya'll are in Park City. Hopefully on the Drive up, tyler and them don't get in a wreck, I was actually telling
someone that story about me and derek crashing, the other day. weird. Tell them to wear seatbelts and obey all safety precausions.
Oh yeah by the way I started to say Ya'll, so if i come home and i sound like i served my mission in the south, its because of a
missionary that lives in the south but he kept saying and i kind of caught on...wee i am ashamed.
Young womens president getting the best of you know? already.. dang, who is even in the young womens right now?
I don't remember. Thats cool that you spoke in sacrament. I bet it was good, i bet there were also many tears that were
flowing. haha.. just kidding. But seriously... I have been talking to this family in my ward about my problems of not ever
being able to cry. haha and They have a daughter named allie, she is like 15. And she never can cry either, so I am glad
that i'm not the only heartless person. and get this, she EXTREMELY hates feet. haha.. I knew there were people that were
like me somewhere. haha. ANyways, that was pretty random sorry.
This week we had a lot better week. We were able to get a hold of a lot of people that we were never able to get ahold of
before. We finally set up this lesson with this less active that we have been trying to work with forever, so hopefully we can get
her to start coming to church. I had a pretty cool experience too. We went over to a less active in our singles ward, and his dad
was there too and he is less active in his ward. So we were just talking to them for a while, and we gave the lesson, and i just
thought about this scripture in doctrine and covenants section 10 verse 5 to read about prayer and coming off the conqueror,
and they both said, that was exactly what they needed to hear. So that was kinda cool, and then i continued talking, and
it popped into my head to invite them to pray together. And the dad was like, yeah you know i have been thinking about
that a lot lately, how we should do that. So it was kinda cool, that a couple times within one lesson, i told them things that
they needed to hear by the spirit. IT was a cool spiritual experience.
Gracelan? seriously.. haha i don't want to make fun of that name too much, if that is what they are actually going to name it
but that sounds like something off of chronicles of narnia or lord of the rings..but i guess tyler named his kids hunter and bode
so where are we to talk..haha just kidding. How are those kids doing anyways, We had dinner with a family in our ward and
they have a 4 year old son, and he is absolutely huge, he weighs probably 80 pounds, and it is just weird to think that he is
only like a year or so older than hunter. I might need to get some pictures of them too, cause i haven't seen them in a little bit.
Anyways, so to talk about what i would like in my package....hmmm... definately some good jerky. definately the cd of nashville
triuble to the missionaries and maybe also jenny oaks baker ( elder oaks daughter) she has a cd that is all disney music on the
violin, that would be pretty cool. maybe some gatorade powder. other random snacks.. just whatever you can think of.
but yeah since i haven't had a package in a while this one might have to be super big, to make up for the other ones. right?
Welp, i gotta run, i hope that you guys are excited for general conference this weekend.. I am stoked.. i can't wait to hear from
the prophet and apostles.. hope that you guys have a good week, enjoy park city! love ya


Monday, September 19, 2011


Hey der, yeah this last week did go by pretty fast i'm not gonna lie. Yeah there were some
interesting things that happened last week.. Lets just say that i'm pretty glad that its only 5
more weeks with my companion... So yeah, remember the house that i have told you about,
yeah i complained about it and stuff, but i have tolerated it for the last 3 months, and there
havent been really any huge problems. But my companion, has lived there for a week and he
says that he cant handle it anymore. So he has complained to the stake president, the bishop
and the ward mission leader. yeah he's a baby. He says its too unsanitary and that its not
good for us to live there... Oh yeah and to be quite honest the zone completely cant stand him,
because... In district meeting he got up and completely yelled and chastised the entire district,
(even with sisters there) because they were making phone calls to people outside of their
district without calling us for permission..now that is a mission rule, but that is probably one
of the smallest mission rule that people tend to break, and so yeah they should have been
told not to do it anymore, but he completely yelled at them, and told them that they were like
the pharisees, and that they teach to be obedient and aren't...yeah thats my comp. He is kind
of a tool..but yeah i'm just trying to get through these next 5 weeks. I'll be fine though.
Anyways, on that cheery note... Did dad and tyler go back out hunting? I want them to shoot
something! I need jerky or something. Yeah i'd be interested in seeing the rental house that
you guys are fixing up, are you fixing it for me to live there after the mission? Is that where you
want me to live so i don't move out here to denver? There are so many missionaries that come
back after the mission and marry girls in their wards, holy cow. Its like seriously, were you even
doing missionary work or were you just flirting with the laurels?
That is so crazy..Chloe Miller is getting married, i remember her looking like a 15 year old
does she still look like that? Thats pretty nuts, i'm not ready for that.. maybe in 10 more months
though i dunno. haha. just kiddin. But yeah i am kinda on the opposite side of the mission from
Elder aamodt right now but i know that he is doing alright. He still isn't a dl or zl or anything,
he is with a samoan missionary that beats everyone up. And president Ely when he was here
asked him who he wanted to be with so that he didn't beat any more of his comps up, he said
Elder aamodt. I guess they get along pretty well, so thats good. But yeah he is doing alright.
Well anyways, yeah not too much is different here, we got a referral of some investigator that
lives in longmont, she said that she would be interested in meeting with us but she wasn't there
at the time we set up an appointment. But we will keep trying, so hopefully we can get someone
new to teach. But yeah, i'm kinda just ready to leave this area, but i still got a while so i'm gonna
have to get over it. Welp, gotta run, love you hope the fam is doing good, take care yall.

Monday, September 12, 2011




Hola Como esta
Welcome back to Utah, your pictures that you sent are pretty sweet. I can't believe you saw a couple of bears. Some guy here in the ward
tells me that he goes bear hunting, and tells me some pretty crazy stories. For example, if you shoot a bear right in the heart, its adrenaline
is going so much, that it wont even know that it is dead for a couple of minutes and it will come and find you and rip you to shreds, so yeah
bear hunting is probably the manliest sport i've ever heard of and i probably want to try it at least once. The pictures of you guys riding
horses is pretty funny, you definately dont have the proper outfit for it, where is your boots, your cowboy hat and your gun?
haven't you seen the movies?
I gotta admit, i'm pretty bummed that tyler and dad haven't gotten an elk yet. I could definately go for some of that jerky.
We got into a door of a less active on monday and the whole time we were just talking about hunting, and then he gave me and my
companion elk steak, and elk burgers. There is a ton of it too. SO I just need to complete it off with some elk jerky, and i would
be set. Tell them not to give up and have faith. Read them the story of nephi breaking his bow if you have too.
So yeah me and my companion are doing pretty good. We still don't have any new investigators that we are teaching, but we were planning
the other day and we started to come up with some ideas that we could use in the singles ward to get new people to start coming to activities and
things. We are going to set up a basketball tournament and get out flyers and have people in the ward invite their friends, and we are going
to try to do it once a week. I've heard that there are a lot of convert baptisms just from people coming to play basketball with members of
the wards, so hopefully we can see the same success here in the singles ward. Its getting a little bit annoying that we haven't really
taught a single investigator in over 2 months. I really hope that we can get some more!
My companions name is Elder Yarmo, yes he goes home in 6 weeks now. He's not too trunky. He is from New hampshire, right on the border
of that and Massachussets. about 45 minutes from boston. I'm senior ZL now, and thank goodness i'm not a district leader anymore!! haha
5 transfers of that was too much. I'm glad that i don't have to do all those trainings anymore, but another dl asked me if i would give a training
last week so i had to do it anyways. Also we both spoke in church yesterday. My talk was on how members can use PMG to get ready to
answer questions when people that aren't members of the church ask them questions they can know what to say. It went pretty good i thought,
especially since i only prepared for 30 minutes cause we had no time, and i gave a talk for about 20 minutes.
Not much else has been going on, kinda the same old thing. so that is about all i got for this week, hopefully all goes well this next week,
tell tyler or someone to keep me updated on how byu football is doing, i heard they one their first game but i don't know if they won yesterday.
Yea that would be sweet if i got a package..just saying.. ok gotta run, love ya have a good one.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


LA Familia.
Hey! That is so cool that you are in Montana right now doing some sweet action hiking and stuff. Yeah i definately wants some cool
pictures next week! Haha horses, i have basically become a little farmer here in this area. Last week i was shoveling up their poopski
and feeding them hay, mowing their grass and stuff. I could never have grown up on a farm.. I hope that Montana is cool though.
Sooo, let me just fill you in, give you the low down on what happened for transfers. So I am destined to be in berthoud for at least
13 more weeks. Yes that is until December 5th. So here is what happened. Elder Smith is now in Fort Collins on Campus..lucky
jerk... I am staying here in berthoud for the next transfer (7 weeks) but my new companion, his name is Elder Yarmo. This is his
last transfer, and then he goes home, so i will be killing him off. So that means that I will be here for the next transfer also because
they aren't going to sweep us out...7 and a half months in berthoud colorado...please pray for me. haha. Its not sooo bad, the people
here are alright. There are a bunch of crazies here though, that is for sure, especially the people that we baptized, haha which is
the ones that we spend the most time with. Yes i'm still a zone leader, i'm actually the senior zone leader right now too, i have been
junior for the last like 5 months that it seems kind of weird that i'm the one that is in charge of everything. I got so used to being the secondary
one..haha just kidding. yeah i'm hoping that these next couple of weeks go by fast though..Elder Yarmo is interesting, i'll tell you more about
it later. But we will se how it goes.
So not too much happened this week. We had a zone leader council down at the mission home which is in westiminster which is really close
to thornton, so we got permission from the mission president to go there and have dinner with the olsons. It was way cool, i really do miss
that family a ton, it was good to see them all again. They want me to get transfered back there so bad. And i wouldn't mind it either.
Let me know how the whole young womens president thing goes.. That is going to be awesome. I don't even think i remember any of the
young women in the ward. WHo are some of them..Libby is probably a laurel now huh..that is weird. what about camille, how old is she now?
Its weird to think about people back at home, i hardly remember anything about home until i try. Which i dont do often. Keep me focused
on the work.
Well anyways, I gotta run, hope MOntana is everything you imagined and more. It would be cool to get a package sometime... just saying.
especially if ty or dad get an elk. well gotta go, love ya have a good week.