mis-sion-ary (noun): someone who leaves their family for a short time so that others may live with their families for Eternity.

Monday, September 12, 2011


Hola Como esta
Welcome back to Utah, your pictures that you sent are pretty sweet. I can't believe you saw a couple of bears. Some guy here in the ward
tells me that he goes bear hunting, and tells me some pretty crazy stories. For example, if you shoot a bear right in the heart, its adrenaline
is going so much, that it wont even know that it is dead for a couple of minutes and it will come and find you and rip you to shreds, so yeah
bear hunting is probably the manliest sport i've ever heard of and i probably want to try it at least once. The pictures of you guys riding
horses is pretty funny, you definately dont have the proper outfit for it, where is your boots, your cowboy hat and your gun?
haven't you seen the movies?
I gotta admit, i'm pretty bummed that tyler and dad haven't gotten an elk yet. I could definately go for some of that jerky.
We got into a door of a less active on monday and the whole time we were just talking about hunting, and then he gave me and my
companion elk steak, and elk burgers. There is a ton of it too. SO I just need to complete it off with some elk jerky, and i would
be set. Tell them not to give up and have faith. Read them the story of nephi breaking his bow if you have too.
So yeah me and my companion are doing pretty good. We still don't have any new investigators that we are teaching, but we were planning
the other day and we started to come up with some ideas that we could use in the singles ward to get new people to start coming to activities and
things. We are going to set up a basketball tournament and get out flyers and have people in the ward invite their friends, and we are going
to try to do it once a week. I've heard that there are a lot of convert baptisms just from people coming to play basketball with members of
the wards, so hopefully we can see the same success here in the singles ward. Its getting a little bit annoying that we haven't really
taught a single investigator in over 2 months. I really hope that we can get some more!
My companions name is Elder Yarmo, yes he goes home in 6 weeks now. He's not too trunky. He is from New hampshire, right on the border
of that and Massachussets. about 45 minutes from boston. I'm senior ZL now, and thank goodness i'm not a district leader anymore!! haha
5 transfers of that was too much. I'm glad that i don't have to do all those trainings anymore, but another dl asked me if i would give a training
last week so i had to do it anyways. Also we both spoke in church yesterday. My talk was on how members can use PMG to get ready to
answer questions when people that aren't members of the church ask them questions they can know what to say. It went pretty good i thought,
especially since i only prepared for 30 minutes cause we had no time, and i gave a talk for about 20 minutes.
Not much else has been going on, kinda the same old thing. so that is about all i got for this week, hopefully all goes well this next week,
tell tyler or someone to keep me updated on how byu football is doing, i heard they one their first game but i don't know if they won yesterday.
Yea that would be sweet if i got a package..just saying.. ok gotta run, love ya have a good one.

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