mis-sion-ary (noun): someone who leaves their family for a short time so that others may live with their families for Eternity.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


LA Familia.
Hey! That is so cool that you are in Montana right now doing some sweet action hiking and stuff. Yeah i definately wants some cool
pictures next week! Haha horses, i have basically become a little farmer here in this area. Last week i was shoveling up their poopski
and feeding them hay, mowing their grass and stuff. I could never have grown up on a farm.. I hope that Montana is cool though.
Sooo, let me just fill you in, give you the low down on what happened for transfers. So I am destined to be in berthoud for at least
13 more weeks. Yes that is until December 5th. So here is what happened. Elder Smith is now in Fort Collins on Campus..lucky
jerk... I am staying here in berthoud for the next transfer (7 weeks) but my new companion, his name is Elder Yarmo. This is his
last transfer, and then he goes home, so i will be killing him off. So that means that I will be here for the next transfer also because
they aren't going to sweep us out...7 and a half months in berthoud colorado...please pray for me. haha. Its not sooo bad, the people
here are alright. There are a bunch of crazies here though, that is for sure, especially the people that we baptized, haha which is
the ones that we spend the most time with. Yes i'm still a zone leader, i'm actually the senior zone leader right now too, i have been
junior for the last like 5 months that it seems kind of weird that i'm the one that is in charge of everything. I got so used to being the secondary
one..haha just kidding. yeah i'm hoping that these next couple of weeks go by fast though..Elder Yarmo is interesting, i'll tell you more about
it later. But we will se how it goes.
So not too much happened this week. We had a zone leader council down at the mission home which is in westiminster which is really close
to thornton, so we got permission from the mission president to go there and have dinner with the olsons. It was way cool, i really do miss
that family a ton, it was good to see them all again. They want me to get transfered back there so bad. And i wouldn't mind it either.
Let me know how the whole young womens president thing goes.. That is going to be awesome. I don't even think i remember any of the
young women in the ward. WHo are some of them..Libby is probably a laurel now huh..that is weird. what about camille, how old is she now?
Its weird to think about people back at home, i hardly remember anything about home until i try. Which i dont do often. Keep me focused
on the work.
Well anyways, I gotta run, hope MOntana is everything you imagined and more. It would be cool to get a package sometime... just saying.
especially if ty or dad get an elk. well gotta go, love ya have a good week.

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