mis-sion-ary (noun): someone who leaves their family for a short time so that others may live with their families for Eternity.

Monday, September 19, 2011


Hey der, yeah this last week did go by pretty fast i'm not gonna lie. Yeah there were some
interesting things that happened last week.. Lets just say that i'm pretty glad that its only 5
more weeks with my companion... So yeah, remember the house that i have told you about,
yeah i complained about it and stuff, but i have tolerated it for the last 3 months, and there
havent been really any huge problems. But my companion, has lived there for a week and he
says that he cant handle it anymore. So he has complained to the stake president, the bishop
and the ward mission leader. yeah he's a baby. He says its too unsanitary and that its not
good for us to live there... Oh yeah and to be quite honest the zone completely cant stand him,
because... In district meeting he got up and completely yelled and chastised the entire district,
(even with sisters there) because they were making phone calls to people outside of their
district without calling us for permission..now that is a mission rule, but that is probably one
of the smallest mission rule that people tend to break, and so yeah they should have been
told not to do it anymore, but he completely yelled at them, and told them that they were like
the pharisees, and that they teach to be obedient and aren't...yeah thats my comp. He is kind
of a tool..but yeah i'm just trying to get through these next 5 weeks. I'll be fine though.
Anyways, on that cheery note... Did dad and tyler go back out hunting? I want them to shoot
something! I need jerky or something. Yeah i'd be interested in seeing the rental house that
you guys are fixing up, are you fixing it for me to live there after the mission? Is that where you
want me to live so i don't move out here to denver? There are so many missionaries that come
back after the mission and marry girls in their wards, holy cow. Its like seriously, were you even
doing missionary work or were you just flirting with the laurels?
That is so crazy..Chloe Miller is getting married, i remember her looking like a 15 year old
does she still look like that? Thats pretty nuts, i'm not ready for that.. maybe in 10 more months
though i dunno. haha. just kiddin. But yeah i am kinda on the opposite side of the mission from
Elder aamodt right now but i know that he is doing alright. He still isn't a dl or zl or anything,
he is with a samoan missionary that beats everyone up. And president Ely when he was here
asked him who he wanted to be with so that he didn't beat any more of his comps up, he said
Elder aamodt. I guess they get along pretty well, so thats good. But yeah he is doing alright.
Well anyways, yeah not too much is different here, we got a referral of some investigator that
lives in longmont, she said that she would be interested in meeting with us but she wasn't there
at the time we set up an appointment. But we will keep trying, so hopefully we can get someone
new to teach. But yeah, i'm kinda just ready to leave this area, but i still got a while so i'm gonna
have to get over it. Welp, gotta run, love you hope the fam is doing good, take care yall.

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