mis-sion-ary (noun): someone who leaves their family for a short time so that others may live with their families for Eternity.

Monday, August 29, 2011


haha bummer. I'm sorry, honestly i thought that it was your birthday the week earlier, but i got it
mixed up with charlie. I knew that yours was on one of the days but i couldnt quite remember. But
don't hold it against me, i can't remember most anything. Hope you did have a good one. NExt B day
of yours i will be home.ahhhh. crazy. Haha your story was really funny about the guy that fell off the
mountain, its sad and everything but i just liked how your last sentence was how it was really funny
to see. Your terrible haha just kidding.
Tell dad and Tyler that they better catch an elk or something because i have been craving some
elk jerky. By the way are you gonnna send me a package, with that stuff that i asked for last
week, its been forever since i have received a package, my companion gets one like every two weeks.
I have gotten one in the last 5 months.
SO transfers is next week, i'm a little bummed about it because its like almost a guarantee that elder
smith will be leaving and i will be staying here. It will be a bummer to see Elder Smith going, cause he
is a good guy, and for me to stay in crazy berthoud for 7 weeks, could be a bit of a struggle, but maybe with the transition of a new companion, time will go by pretty fast, hopefully. We have been together for
like 4 and a half months, i can't even remember what its like to be with another companion or in another area. But we will see.
This week, we had a really cool meeting on thursday. So starting in october the denver area is going
to be doing a media blitz for the mormon.org campaign. Its gonna be awesome. What they are doing is
putting up 14 billboards, running commercials, running advertisments on facebook, youtube and twitter,
and also putting things on the radio. We got a training from a 70 named Elder Rhodes and another guy
named steven b allen. And they have tested it in 9 other cities and said that baptisms go way up because people see the billboards and stuff and ask there friends about being mormon, so they come to
us instead of us going to them. Its gonna be legit. Members will do missionary work! hopefully.
But i'm excited for a big change that will happen for the last 10 months of my mission. Yep i hit that today. pretty nuts.
Haha that is hilarious that you were not dressed great for when madeline came over. Its all good.
Yeah she was pretty nervous, because she thought that it would maybe be weird for a girl to bring
a missionaries stuff tothe house, but i told her that you would be nice, and she text me and said
"momma gnehm is soo nice" haha so you did good. Yeah she is going to provo so that would be
a pretty far way for her to go to dinner, but that was nice of you to offer.
So i gotta close with a hilarous thing that happened, i dont know if you will find it funny, it might be one of those you have to be there moments. But we meet with the stake pres and his councilor eery week.
and the coucilor is brother pippen, and he is crazy, and his prayers make me laugh. SO last week he was going off about how great we are in the prayer and saying that we are "mighty warriors and strong servants and we should be yielded properly" so i thought it was kinda funny, so yesterday we met with him again and he prayed again so i was anticipating another funny thing, and he goes off about how great we are again and says that we truly are the "fruit of the tree".. haha the second he said fruit, i lost it, i busted up during his prayer, and i felt so bad because it was irreverant, but it was so funny, it was one of those smiles that would well up inside of me and i would just think about it and start laughing again.
SO yeah, hes nuts and i thought it was prtty funny, i dont know if you did though.
anyways, thats it for the week,i'll let you know next week, who my new comp is and everything,
so i hope you have fun in montana, hopefully everyone is safe when you go, and no passes away.
Welp, take care love ya.

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