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Monday, August 8, 2011


So this week has been a slow week, and in all honesty, its been kind of a terrible week at times. So we don't
have like any investigators right now because we baptized all three of the investigators that we had. SO right now
we are kind of just starting from scratch, the hard thing is we can't do much finding in the singles ward. The worst
thing about it is everytime we get a new investigator, or someone that sounds promising and wants to hear more about
the gospel..they are moving away to go to school or something. Seriously, in the last two transfers we have had 5 people
that wanted to know more and to talk to us, but they all moved away. So that kinda stinks. So right now, we are kinda just
visitng less actives and stuff in both wards that we haven't met, and hoping that we can get them to come back and then
get them to do missionary work, so yeah its goin a tad slower than i would like right now!
That is sad about Mary Preece, yeah I remember her i think, that is the one that you would play tennis with right? or no?
i dunno. but yeah just keep praying for her, hopefully all goes well there.
That kinda stinks about the house getting flooded. Yeah there was a house that we helped with that got flooded and
the carpet was moldy, and we had to pull all of it out and stuff, so it just smelled terrible, and i got tons of it on my pants, but
Yeah i'm gonna be honest, the worst part about the week, was when i got on here for the email.. so let me go back, so last monday
i was talking to the missionaries that are serving in the arvada 6th ward, the one that i served in. And they told me that Rene Alvarez,
remember her? she is the lady that i baptized, yeah she told the missionaries that she doesn't want to talk to them anymore, so yeah
i was completely bummed about that. OK, so then today when i got on email, i got an email from kenny strong, guy also in the 6th ward,
and his email was a reply to one of mine, and he said hi elder this is a long time coming, i left the church and i think it would be a good
idea if you didn't contact me anymore. ..yeah...this is the guy that i spent a buttload of time working with and he came to visit me in
thornton a couple times and took me out to dinner. stinks right?
Oh one more story so Tyrone, the guy that we just barely baptized about 2 weeks ago. yeah he went to jail for something he did 7 years ago
and he was in there for a couple days, now he is out and nobody can find him, or get a hold of him.
haha so yeah how does my week sound? not the greatest.
oh well, you know me i let things slide pretty easy, i'm disappointed in all this but i'm not gonna let it bother me really bad.
But anyways, that is pretty crazy that tyler took bode and hunter to trek, a lot of the people that i went who were teenagers, couldn't
even do the whole thing, they are definately gonna be nba players.
Not too much, is gonna be happening this next week i dont think, our investigator from columbia, is going back to columbia tomorrow, so that
is a bummer, i'm pretty sure she will get baptized down there though, so that will be good.
Anyways, thats about all for the week, so i gotta run, i hope you guys have a good rest of the week, love ya take luck, bye.

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