mis-sion-ary (noun): someone who leaves their family for a short time so that others may live with their families for Eternity.

Monday, August 22, 2011


Whats shakin' bacon?
Yeah i'm pretty jealous that Dad and Tyler are Hunting right now. that sounds like a ton of fun. are they in wyoming? cause i was in cheyenne on saturday. We went up there to do
vehicle inspections because we had zone conference this week. Cheyenne seems like a cool place, i guess? haha it was funny when we were up there, we were sitting at a gas
station, and there was this couple that got locked out of their car because they left their dog in the car with the keys and the dog was jumping around all excited in the car and pressed
the lock button, so it locked em out. haha we thought it was funny. cause i could see roxy doing that if she weighed enough to even press a button. But zone
conference was really good, it was president toombs first conference, and it seemed to go really well. We had to role play a bunch though which was the downside
it is good sometimes to practice teaching your investigators but when you do if for really long, it just gets a little boring. WE gave a little training on unity in the zone
and i think that it went really well, because some of the companionships in the zone dont get along all that well.
Before i forget i gotta let you know that the new nashville tribute to the missionaries cd came out. and i was just thinking that you havent sent me a package in a really
long time, and i could use that cd. Oh and also some beef jerky, and other random goodies. But that is just a suggestion, and i would have you strongly consider it.
thanks. haha. Also there is a girl named madeline in the singles ward here and she is going to school at byu, and she has to drive right through kaysville to pick up
some kind of certificate for her cna business. and so i gave her a duffel bag of stuff to take home so she will probably drop it off tomorrow sometime, is that ok? and
if no one will be home i will just have her put it on the porch or something.
There are a bunch of people that are going to school here in the singles ward, so that will be pretty lame. But its all good some will stay though.
Hopefully we will have a couple of new people to teach in the nextcouple of weeks, because one girl said that her friend will be coming to church this sunday, and we also
got a referral from the greeley zone leaders of someone that is moving into our area that was being taught. So yeah i'm just praying that things can turn around here.
SO steve emailed me and said that kadyn sanders got in a huge motorcyling accident last week and has been in a coma for a while. So if you could pray for him and maybe
try to find out a little more information for me that would be awesome. That is super sad tohear.
That is awesome that you are going to be the young womens president. haha yeah that just seems like neither of you are going to be home very often.
So maybe they will release dad here pretty soon, who knows. but yeah i'm excited for you, is there a lot of young women in the ward right now? i cant even
remember very many people from the ward honestly haha, you know how my memory is. I think that it is only getting worse since my mission. When i am
old i will have alzheimers? for sure.
On thursday we are going down to the malley stake center (my old stake center in thornton) because our mission is diong what they call a media blitz.
It is what they have been doing in new york city, and it is pretty much with mormon.org making profiles, and having lots of billboards, and commercials and
things on the radio, so i am way excited to hear what all will be going on for it, hopefully it helps get much more referrals. so yeah there is a guy from the MTC
coming to teach all the leaders of the mission about it and so yeah it will be cool to go there, and be back in thornton for a day.
You never told me anything about buying a rental home. Are you gonna fix it up all nice, for a place for me to live in when i get home. You might want to
consider it so i dont move away to colorado again after the mission, it might be the bribery that i need to stay in utah. SO just htink about it. haha
Anyways, yeah if you could get me a package with that stuff that would be sweeet. but i gotta run, hope all the family is doing good, i love you all peace love and joy.

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