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Monday, August 1, 2011


Hola Madre

The Denver temple closed a couple weeks ago and it is closed until october. It is closed for about
3 months, so that is a very long time. I will be getting a temple trip this month but i am hoping that i can save it and go
to the temple sealing when cameron burris gets sealed to his wife. I baptized him in my first area. and since i've been out a
year so it is coming up pretty soon.
This last week was nothing special. We are starting from ground zero again pretty much because we baptized all
the people that were in the berthoud ward. and we have no investigators there anymore. In the singles ward we still have
Bobby but we haven't even heard from him in the last two weeks, so he is slowly dropping off the map which is not cool.
He had a date for this month, and when i was on exchanges i wasn't here, but elder smith talked to him and he said that
he still wants to get baptized but right now is just too early. SO hopefully we can get in contact with him again, and we will
be able to teach him, because right now we have not much going on.
Yeah so this week is transfers. Elder Smith and I are both staying here. Know what that means? I will be here in this ward
for at least 12 more weeks. haha thats gonna be a quarter of my mission here in berthoud. haha that kinda stinks, the work is
good here but the people are kinda insane. Especially the guy that we baptized. But oh well, I will just have to keep working
hard, and find new people to teach. I am kind of excited though, Elder Blomdal, remember him? he was my third companion
back in arvada. He is coming here and he is going to be a district leader so i will see him at least one or twice a week, so i
am pretty excited for that. He is a cool kid. good elder. Yeaah i'm still zone leader/ district leader, i am kind of getting
sick of being a district leader honestly, our district didn't change at all, and we have the same trainings that we have to do
every transfer, so i think the district is just getting sick of me giving the trainings. I know i am.
SO yesterday in church, the air conditioner was broken. It was probably 90 degrees, and it gets warmer because the chapel was
packed with people which is a good thing but yeah not when we are there for two sacrament meetings, 3 other meetings, and priesthood.
that makes for a total of 7 and a half hours. I was a sweaty mess at the end of the day. But someone did bring up a good point,
the early saints didn't have air conditioner and they wore more clothing then we did too so they were probably a lot warmer, so it made me not complain as much.

I'm kinda bummed that the summer is ending though because a ton of the singles in the ward will be leaving to go to school
there wont be half as many people as there is now, and a ton of cool kids are leaving to so it will be pretty lame. but oh well.
Hopefully dad had a good birthday, i told him last week happy birthday but then i forgot until 830 last night, i was sitting in an appointment
then i had revelation that it was dads birthday. it was pretty wild.
anyways, thats about all that i got for this week, keep me updated on the latest and the greatest! hope all is going well, love ya

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