mis-sion-ary (noun): someone who leaves their family for a short time so that others may live with their families for Eternity.

Monday, August 15, 2011


ITS a ME ELder Gnehm
Yeah sorry about last week, it was kinda boring and not the greatest. but yeah i'm over it now, and everythings good. Still this week not too much has happened. We picked up a golden investigator who has been taught all the
lessons in a previous ward and has been to church over 4 times, and comes to all the activities and has been reading the book of mormon and is already in alma chapter 5. Butttt... he is moving to west virginia tomorrow.
haha so that is about the story of my life but whatever, its a bummer, but we will find someone that wants to learn about the gospel and is going to stay here.
We did talk to that guy who went to jail. So we have been taking care of his horse lately, yeah i'm basically a farmer, because he is out of jail now and is in colorado springs.. living on the streets basically.
classy right? but yeah that is Tyrone, he is absoultely crazy, but he said that he is still going to church down there in colorado springs, so that is good, he really does have a testimony of the gospel, he is
just out of his mind. Um, yeah other than that we have just been working with some less actives, we had a corn roast actvitiy in the berthoud ward so we just went around this week, inviting people to
it basically. A lot of people did show up which was good, so we are helping the ward a little bit with reactivation, now if we could just find a baptism that would be legit.
Yeah i was thinking the other day, that tyler lunt had to be home by now. That is sweet, he is an awesome kid, there is a kid that goes to our singles ward that reminds me of him. Tell him that i say hi to him.
And callie knight got married already, haha that is kinda weird, i dont know why. I see tons of people in the singles ward that are younger than me get married but thinking of her getting married is a little funky.
don't expect me to get married for a while. haha.
So the Denver temple is closed until the end of october, yeah its a long time. and so Cameron wont be getting sealed until then probably, but yeah i'm going to talk to them and everything, i'm saving up my
temple trip so i can go down there.
last week elder horner (my second companion) and elder jones, another return missionary of this mission, came out and took us out to lunch, it was cool to see them, haha they came to the singles ward and they
absolutely hated it though, i'll be honest some of the activities are a little meh..lame. but yeah it is pretty cool to see em back.
SO this week elder blomdal who was one of my companions, who i was way excited to have him come here in my zone...got emergency transfered because of another elders mistake, so now he is down in aurora as
a zone leader. haha so i was a little upset about that, but now maybe we could be companions again in the future, that would be really cool. Yeah i'm getting a little tired of the berthoud ward and the singles ward.
not to much to do right now, and especially since everyone is leaving the singles ward it will be a little worse. So, oh well i just gotta suck it up and keep working hard.
Anyways, not to much did happen this week, so i think we are gonna take off and play a little bit of basketball, i hope that you guys are doing well. If you wanna get on my facebook and tell people to write me, that
would be really awesome of you thanks!!! make sure you give my address 1250 main street broomfield colorado. thanks. haha, anyways i am gonna take off, love ya bye!

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