mis-sion-ary (noun): someone who leaves their family for a short time so that others may live with their families for Eternity.

Monday, November 29, 2010


Heyyy. Yeah that is pretty cool that the Browns came over and got to talk to you guys. Yeah they are a really cool family. Yeah so i am senior companion to Elder Goesch. He is not the 25 year old. When i got calls from my zone leaders they told me i would be with elder gochez fwho went to africa but went home and came back out to here. And so i on transfer day i went to the mission office where a lot of missionaries were waiting to be transfered and I saw elder gochez and i was talking to him and I found out that it wasn't me who was his new companion. So i asked my zl's and they were like oh its elder Goesch. haha so yeah he is my companion. He is from oregon and has been out 1 transfer. He seems like he really works hard and will be a good missionary. He actually knows some people that i know because he went to byu, he doesn't know trent or matt but he knows some other people. Its gonna be an alright transfer, we're not going to be the best of buddies or anything but he wants to work so thats all that I care about. as long as he isnt lazy. I have just gotten along great with my last two companions but i guess i cant expect to have that every transfer. Its all good though. So i am in Thornton which is probably 30 minutes away from arvada. in the east lake ward. It was a little bit hard to say goodbye to some of the people back in arvada, and i'm going to definately miss the other missionaries that were in our zone. Especially my zone leaders. they were both awesome. I am just going to have to learn this area and find some awesome members and teach the good word and it will be alright.
So that is crazy that it is snowing. apparently tomorrow it is supposed t snow but outside right now it is pretty warm. Are you guys excited for thanksgiving? . I already met the people that are feeding us and they are a little different. haha. they are my companions favorite family though so, yeah i'm just going to have to endure this week until i go to church and find some real cool members. haha.
Mom, that is awesome that whatever the doctors saw the first time it went away, definately heavenly father had a hand in it and you were blessed because of your worthiness and faith in him. So yeah is there anything crazy going on at home, whats happening with the fam? i hope that you guys have a good thanksgiving. I hope i do too. haha. alrighty love you bye. LOVE ELDER GNEHM

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