mis-sion-ary (noun): someone who leaves their family for a short time so that others may live with their families for Eternity.

Friday, December 3, 2010


was up was up? My thanksgiving went really well! We had a lunch at 1:00 and then we had anothe dinner at 4:00, haha so i ate like crazy. The last couple days i have been eating like a porker and i have gained 4 pounds, but i've been working out so that should be ok right? haha if not i'll be a balloon. Our dinner was pretty cool because we had it with a family who had a return missionary come home that week, and he came from cleveland ohio and he actually knew my old companion Elder Horner's family. So yeah, he gave his homecoming talk this sunday and he was nervous out of his face and he hardly could talk and he was shaking like no other, so i hope i am not like that at all when i come back. I am excited for grandmas rolls, hopefully she sent them through mail and not through ups so i can get them and not have to have the zone leaders pick it up from the Mission Office. Things with my new companion are going good. Its crazy he has only been out 1 transfer, but he is an extremely good Elder. he is not nervous at all to teach and he is better than i am in a lot of things. So haha i don't know, we both have our strengths and weakness but he is way good right now, he will probably be an ap or something. Haha i don't want to be an AP, don't you put that on me! haha if it happens, it happens, but i hope it doesn't :) . It was actually pretty warm this week, its been about 50's and we haven't seen any snow that has stuck yet. But this next week i hear it is supposed to be bad, and outside right now it is windy as cow and cold. Anyways, yeah this new area, is so far not as great as my last. In arvada i felt more like i was at home and in this ward it just isn't the same. In church when the RM gave his homecoming talk, he ended 20 minutes early. haha. so yeah the bishop got up and said well since we have so much time, we have a new elder in the ward so we are going to invite him to come and bear his testimony and talk a little bit about himself. haha. So yeah i had to get up on the spot in sacrament and take 10 minutes and bear my testimony. Then i also gave the lesson in gospel principles, they are trying to break me in. haha but its all good, i think i did pretty well in both of them. I hope that you guys have an awesome week. I. Love you bye. LOVE ELDER GNEHM!

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