mis-sion-ary (noun): someone who leaves their family for a short time so that others may live with their families for Eternity.

Monday, August 23, 2010


Hola familia. My companion now is really good though, he is obedient which has taught me a lot about the kind of missionary that i need to be. I hope i dont get a completely strict companion but i hope i dont get a companion that doesn't want to do anything i need a fine balance. Time is going by pretty fast though. On wednesday we had district meeting that lasted 2 and a half hours because it was a aspecial one. So this week we only got 6 lessons taught. I felt horrible turning in the numbers because i was the senior companion. I told the Zone leaders that it was Elder daniels fault and he is just really trunky and i cant get him out of the bed in the morning. haha. but then i told them the truth. I will give you my spiritual story, its funny but its also spiritual.
So on Sunday we had one of the investigators that we are teaching named Renee Alvarez come to church. She was all alone because her husband thinks that we are a cult and her kids don't want to come. So I sat by her while Elder daniel sat on the stands because he gave a 5 minute talk because he is leaving. So Renee was asking me questions like the whole time and i was expalining what was going on and stuff. One of the speakers that was talking was really old and their story about their pioneer heritage was sooo boring. I was looking around the room and half the chapel was asleep. But Renee was listening really intently because it was her first experience at a mormon church. So i'm kind of zoning off a little myself and all of a sudden Renee asks me. What does he mean by having 5 wifes) I'm like ummm did he say something about that? shes like ya. haha. So I had to explain to her in the middle of church about how the church used to practice plural marriage and how we don't do it anymore. After the sacrament a ton of the members came up to her and introduced themselves and explained ya we dont do the multiple wives thing anymore. haha. Anyways the spiritual part of this story for me is that since I grew up in the church i really have no idea what a new investigator is thinking about the church. So many things could be so weird and new to her that just seems normal to me. I've learned so far that i have been out that Utah is not a normal place and it is foreign to the rest of the world. it is its own country. I am lucky to have been able to grow up in kaysville where there are so many members and good influences around me. My testimony has really grown since I have been here about how blessed I was to be able to grow up there and in a good home.
Ok. that is my story and all for the week. I will try to send you pics on another email. I love you. have a good safe week.

The first pic here is The last day of the MTC. Elder Nielson, the one that i got along with really well is the one i'm cuddling with haha. The second picture is my companion Elder Daniel. he is the one on the left.And the third picture is ME! i thought it was cool because it looks like kingdoms of glory parking. my companion made fun of me for it but i think its awesome.
THERE ya go. you got pictures! :) haha love you.

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