mis-sion-ary (noun): someone who leaves their family for a short time so that others may live with their families for Eternity.

Friday, October 1, 2010


appy halloween!! for halloween we had to be inside so we were just hanging out at a members house all night. They only had 4 trick or treaters come over the entire night. And the members that we live with said that they had no one come to their house. It is crazy there is like no one that goes trick or treating here. And everyone decks out their house to look all scary but no one is outside. People here are lame. We have been doing a program called Sweep for sheep where we have all the Elders go to one ward for 2 hours and they split up so 1 missionary will go with 1 member and they will visit a couple of less actives homes and tract the houses to the left and the right of it. And it is funny because the members that I go with are like I dont think i could have done my mission in the United States, everyone we talk to are just jerks. haha. Some people just can't handle it but luckily it doesn't make me mad when people yell at me. My last comp would get mad though!! But yeah I always thought it would be easier to be in the United States but some people say they were glad they went foreign.
Anyways, Dominiques baptism was way good. He has been going to church for like 3 years now so EVERYONE in the ward already knows him. You should have seen it, when they confirmed him in church on Sunday, almost every priesthood holder in the chapel got up and went in the circle haha I couldn't even reach his head because i was so squished, i was just resting it on someones arm. Also he recieved the aaronic priesthood on sunday and so did Cameron Burris. They are both studs.
Those pictures are sweet, I wanted to carve a pumpkin. We went and visited one of our investigators that is a whole family and they were carving pumpkins and they kept telling me to carve it but i didn't even know if we could so i was like nahh i'm good.
Love you and have a great week!

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