mis-sion-ary (noun): someone who leaves their family for a short time so that others may live with their families for Eternity.

Monday, October 18, 2010


Whats crackalackin? hope you guys had a good week. Yeah so I had a crazy last couple weeks huh? This week has been really good. Some GREAT NEWS!! We moved out of the Allens house and into a family called the Browns. The browns are awesome, they are 50 and they are big into sports and stuff. The only downside is that they are completely on one side of the ward so we have a long ways to go to see people. But it is all good, more excersize and we are definately not living with that family anymore. There was just so much going on there, they were just not nice people. They absolutely couldn't stand my last companion, and the main reason was because he cooked bacon every morning! yeah they were a little different. Anyways also my new companion and I are getting along way good. I dont know if I told you but he is from san fran. He reminds me a lot of the Elder in the MTC that I was way good friends with. Because they are both from Cali, and all those people are the same. haha. SO yeah hes been out a transfer longer than me so we are both pretty dang new but we are doing well. He is definately my most normal companion so far and we get along really well. We have Renee set for baptism on the 30th of October now. Also we are teaching a family called the fletchers. They are way good, 3 years ago they had missionaries over there and they were way close to baptism and then a dumb missionary told them that they would never be able to see their dead son again. Which obviously they took offense to and so me and elder HOrner finally went back and started teaching them and now they are pretty close again. Ok. and remember when i told you that the Bishop in our ward was saying some dumb things? So we finally went back there after 2 months. And they said they were progressing a ton and they put there foot down and said they were going to church every week. Then the Bishop said some things so now they say they are back at the beginning. So I hate when people get offended! can i say that? because if they know that it truly is true then the people that say dumb things wont make them think differently of the church. Because people in our church judge a lot, and it is just up to you to not get offended and know that it is still true. ya know what I mean? guhh.
You can tell the youth to seriously go to mission prep and to take it seriously and go because that is what you will be doing for the next to years and not just for your parents. You can use that story about Camerons baptism and his kids. Just tell them to get prepared and to keep themselves worthy or make themselves worthy to serve a full time mission. So hope you have a good week and i love you and pray for you. LOVE ELDER GNEHM!

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