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Monday, October 25, 2010


HEY YO! Those halloween pictures were awesome! Hunters iron man costume is so legit. Did Jess dye her hair or is that part of the costume. If its just a wig you should tell her that she should dye her hair black haha it looks good. That is cool that you guys had a trunk or treat. We have a halloween party here on the 30th, it was going to be a trunk or treat but there is a crazy lady in our ward that said kids shouldn't be outside on halloween?!? so we are having just a dinner thing inside the church. Well i dont know if i told you but Renee's baptism was supposed to be on the 30th but she changed the date because she has to work that day so the new date is on November 12th. She wants me to baptize and confirm her. So that is going to be a new exciting thing. haha. I keep making hints how Elder Blomdal or the bishop or someone else can do one of them but she keeps saying she wants me to do both so oh well thats cool :-) But we do have another baptism the 30th that is still going to happen. His name is Dominique and he is 16. He has been going to church with his mom and step dad for the last 3 years and has just now decided to get baptized. He reminds me a lot of me because he is rebellious and he listens to "loud" music. haha. He showed me a song from a band that i used to listen to and i was like holy cow i cant believe i used to listen to this garbage. So yeah at least we still have a baptism that day.
But yeah we are just chuggin along on bike. That is pretty awesome that tyler was an assistant to the president. Oh by the way they never wrote me back either so i should be getting on them. But yeah i can only imagine the responsibilities he had. I dont want to be a zone leader haha. I would do it for sure because that is what the lord wants me to do but that is a lot of responsibility. That is pretty weird that you werent feeling good. because yesterday I threw up in the morning and we stayed at home all day. It was the most boring day of my life. I felt like I was useless. I felt terrible that i didn't go to church but i tried to get up and everytime i would get up my stomache would churn like crazy. I slept all day. I didn't get out of bed and stay out until 7:00 p.m. Yeah it was not a good day at all. But i am definately feeling better today. I'm sorry that everyone back at home is sick too. Hopefully you all get feeling better!
I am not sure what i want to tell the youth. I think the biggest thing that you can tell them is to go to church and go to your meetings because you want to. and if they dont want to and are going because they are forced, then to change their hearts fast because i know that going to things just because someone else wants you to can stink. and you wont learn much like that at all. Its like mission prep, at first i would only go because you guys wanted me to but then i got it through my thick skull that i was going to go on a mission and that i needed to go for me. And when i went like that i definately learned and got a lot more out of it!
So yeah. You can tell them that. I hope you guys have a great week and a Wonderful Halloween! i will send you some pictures of me and my new comp. love you!

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