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Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Familia!! So a lot happened over the past couple days. So our investigator Renee Alvarez came to church and Elder Horner my companion told her that he was getting transfered(yes he left, i'll tell you more later) and she started crying and walked out of church and said she would call back later. So it was like 930 at night and I was saying my prayers and I said please bless that Renee will call us back and the second i did it, the phone rang and I heard my companion say oh its renee. So holy crap, that was cool haha so my comp was talking to her and she says she wants to move the baptism back a little bit, so it wont be this weekend it will be in a few weeks probably because she wants to fly her friend here to see it. So all is well there. And I will give my spiritual thought now, its a story:
K so Elder Horner and I were going to go to the temple with a bunch of polynesian elders because he wanted to see some leave before they left to go home. So we were going to go on a tuesday and an Elder that went was saying ya it is going to be so good, we will go to the temple and we will play tackle rugby all day, its gonna be like two P days. When he said that I had the worst feeling, I am like ya know this isn't right, and luckily my comp felt the same way. So we were going to just go to the temple and come back right after, but it turned out that we couldn't go anyways because we didn't have a temple pass like we thought we had. So we didn't go and we later found out that all the missionaries that went to the temple went and played rugby all day and some Zone Leaders were driving by and they saw them playing and told President Ely. This is the second time that some of these elders have been caught for diong this. Initially President told the Elders pack your bags you are going home. But they talked it out and let them stay but they are going to be Junior companions for the rest of their missions. SOme elders are going home tomorrow and in 6 weeks and to finish off your missions like that is just stupidity. And if I would have gone to be a junior the whole mission and to not have that trust I would have felt so terrible. So I am way glad that me and my companion folowed the spirit and we didnt go because that would affected my entire mission. SO the lesson is learn to recognize the promptings of the spirit and when you get the feelings or impressions act on it.
So ya thats a crazy story eh? yeah anyways, So right now we have a family that we are teaching that is pretty good, they talked to missionaries 3 years ago and were way close to baptism but some dumb missionaries told them that they are going to hell for having tattooos and stuff so eventually they got over it and hopefully they are way close to getting baptized. Elder Horner left like I said and he went up to Loveland, I liked having him around, he was a way good Elder, we had differences but overall we had fun and did the work. He said i'm one of his best companions he has had. i am with Elder Blomdal (Bloom daul) he is from california, pretty close to vallejo so i will talk to tyler and ask him if he knew the people there. He is a way cool kid, I actually knew him before because he was in the 4th ward so we get along way good already and its going to be good. He has been out for only one transfer longer than me so we are both fresh but we will do our best and we will continue to do the work here. Yeah it is getting cold here, That is a way cool thing about the temple, it really does make you think that you are being prepared for all the work during the second coming. That is awesome that you are doing that! Anways yep I am doing good and I hope you are doing good too! love you and have a great week!
The first picture is the baptism that we had with Cameron Burris. He is the one next to my companion the one next to me is the one that baptized him. The other picture is My first district but its pretty much all the same people anyways....
This week is going a lot better. Me and my comp still have occassional conflicts but nothing like they were before. Transfers are on the 11th so who knows, he thinks that he is going to be a district leader and if that is so he will get called on wedensday to be asked but if not i think we will both stay. Which would be ok, but I don't know i had a dream i was going to laramie last night. haha so hopefully that is just a dream. Conference was awesome. Did you enjoy it. The priesthood session was my favorite like it always is. But my favorite talk was by Elder Uchtdorf which talked about focusing on the essentials and not worrying about the big things. When people get to know the basics about the gospel the big questions about plural marriage and blacks having the priesthood and questions of that sort don't really matter. Which is my spiritual message for the week. SO i think with like Alisha and Gordon where they have these crazy questions. If they know that the Book of Mormon is true and that Joseph Smith is a prophet, then everything else falls into place. I love you. . LOVE ELDER GNEHM
Cameron Burris Baptism

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