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Monday, June 27, 2011


Hey mocerina
SO let me just update you on what has happened recently. SO saturday we had our baptism, it was way cool, i gave the talk about the baptism, and i used pictures from an 8 year old baptism. I thought it was spiritual but a family in the back was laughing their heads off.. I found out this family has been facebook stalking me, and they want either you or derek to add them as friends so they can look at my pictures. their last name is the berezays. The baptism was really good though, she was definately prepared for it, and it was definately awesome to see a baptism again.
We also had stake conference this saturday and sunday. WIth elder Payne coming from the 6th quorum of the 70. It was way good. There were some really good talks here, our stake president is from kaysville too and he is old but super down to earth guy. Elder Payne talked a lot about forgiveness and how we have to forgive ourselves and how people like alma the younger were forgiven and became a prophet after destroying the church, so we should be able to be forgiven as well.
Also something else that is actually happening today is going to be very interesting. So we are moving out of our house and living in a place that is gonna be awful. So outside the house is a huge giant cotton tree and it looks like is snowed outside his house because there is so much of it, also he has 3 cats which will be awesome for my allergies. We are also living in the attic, where its going to be at least 100 degrees every night, because he doesn't have an air condition or anything. We are sleeping on beds that will just be on the floor. oh and my favorite part is our toilet is about 5 feet from my bed, with no door or anything so we will not have privacy at all. Yeah we talked to our bishop and he's like yeah this guy is a really good guy and i think it would just be awesome if you guys could live there. haha so yeah it will definately be a fun time, and i will try to be at home as little as possible. fun eh?
SO yeah i'm coming up to a year on my mission this week, our mission president is going home. He spoke in our conference and was trying to leave right after it ended, but me and my companion ran to go say goodbye, and he hugged me and just told me to keep doing good. ANd the presidents wife was just crying haha shes like come visit after your mission so i can hug you haha it was funny. The 4th of july is next week, we have a breakfast and we are going to try to watch some fireworks with some members, but we will see how that goes. We are allowed to go and since we can be in all of longmont and loveland i'm sure we can find something.
We are meeting with the new mission president on saturday during ZLC's i'm excited, i think i already told you but
he is from logan. Oh guess what else, i was looking at the missionaries that are coming from the mtc next transfer. and there is a missionary from kaysville utah with the last name of farnes. haha i think i actually might now who this is, i went to school with a logan farnes, so that will definately be interesting, i might even have to train him, who knows.
That is cool that you are going back to work so you can stop being lazy..just kidding. but yeah let me know how that goes. and it sounds like you guys have a ton of stuff going on in the next couple weeks with camps and stuff, that sounds pretty fun. This week we don't have to much going on, we are meeting with two new potential investigators so here is to hoping that we can teach them a lot and baptize them.
anyways, i gotta run so i love you and will talk to you later have a good week. and i do have pictures this week so be thankful.

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