mis-sion-ary (noun): someone who leaves their family for a short time so that others may live with their families for Eternity.

Monday, June 13, 2011


haha so i gotta fill you in on what happened to my cake. just to let you know, i forgot my camera so i cant send you a picture of it this week but i will next week. But i was trying to get that package forever, and the AP's were holding onto it, and they didn't bring it over until Saturday. SO i got it two days ago. The cake was absoluetely hammered. haha! it looked hilarious. i could barely even tell that it used to be a cake. But i did take some pictures of me blowing out the candles and a video singing happy birthday. And then pretending to eat the cake. SO it was a great thought, but it didn't help that it was a week old in a box, baking in the sun.
But thankyou for all the presents and everything. That tie is cool, i like it. SOmeone in the ward asked me if they make it in boys ties. haha but whatever, i told them to buzz off. It was cool, i the day before my birthday we were having dinner, and they were the only members that i think i even told that it was my birthday. ANd then the next morning(my bday) our truck had balloons and it was decorated, and they gave me a dairy queen gift card, so that was nice. I had a lot of people in the mission tell me happy birthday, and a couple families from my last area, so it was cool.
Yeah steve is writing me back in forth right now and he said he just wrote you back too, his mom still hasn't written me.
HE told me that last week he was super close to going home, but that would just be terrible. We have had a lot of missionaries
go home here because of medical problems, and it sucks because some of them cant come back either. We have one
missionery in our zone right now and he has a bad problem and he had to have surgery here and he might have to go home soon, and it would stink because he's a cool kid and hes from england.
Dag nabbit.. I'm so bummed that i can't go to the lemon family reunion. Those are like the best times of my life
yeah could you imagine if i actually meant that.. it would be cool to go golfing there though. i miss golfing a lot
so maybe when i get home we can go to hawaii and go to a sweet golf course. what you think about that?
Haha that is kinda creepy that she remembers you from elementary school. I had absoutely no clue that you came into
a class to help when i was in elementary. She must have a good memory, but i'm excited that derek is still dating that girl. She is a cool girl.
BEing a zone leader. I cover two stakes. and we are over the singles so we cant go tracting because the odds of finding someone while tracting is slim and the odds of us finding someone single while tracting is even more slim. SO yeah its all from like members and stuff. But recently we have had a lot of member support and a couple of members have actually been inviting which is awesome. We had an investigator come to church for the first time yesterday. And the ward fellowshipped him a ton, he has come to a bunch of activities too, so i hope we can get closer with him. I hope i actually stay here during the summer cause there is a lot of stuff going on and about to happen , so it should pick up fast. But yesterday in our 3rd hour they were talking about marriage the whole time to the singles and they were super blunt, saying get married if your over 25 you need to find a wife fast. haha and our investigator is 28, so who knows what he was thinking that whole time. I think the best part of being a zone leader is being able to be so close to the
stake president because we meet with him every week. He is way legit, hes like 70 years old and he used to live in kaysville, and he is a super mellow calm guy. But yesterday we showed him that someone in the zone had a baptismal date and he's like YEAHHHH and does a double fist pump while jumping in the air. haha i have never seen so much life out of an old guy. I was bustin up!
Anyways, i gotta run, thank you for the birthday presents again. Have a good week, keep me updated on whats going on
around the place. BYe. LOVE ELDER GNEHM

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