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Monday, June 6, 2011


Happy birthday to me!
thanks for the happy birthday wishes! i should be getting the package tomorrow, i don't think that we can even receive mail on mondays, so i will get it on my birthday i guess. Grandma sent me an email and asked me if i feel any older. I said heck no, i still feel like I should be in high school. BUt then again, i talk with high school kids and i realize how annoying they truly are. yeah you are right you and dad are pretty dang old. time to retire, start traveling the world..when i get home of course. I'm thinking bahamas or hawaii.
Yeah tell me about weather, i'm baking in the sun lately. its been in the upper 80's and 90's, we are in a truck but when we are outside for a little bit, i just start losing my mind because its so dang hot.
Yeah that is kinda weird about hunter. he's got some principles down, like jesus died and rose again, but you might want to let him know that he didn't die because i went on a mission. Thats false doctrine. Bode is almost a year old now right? he was born in july? I don't know maybe i'm crazy but that sounds about right.
It is weird to think that i've been out almost a year. Time is going by faster and faster by each transfer. especially this transfer, oh my goodness, its done in two weeks. I feel like i've only been a zone leader for a week but i have been for a month. Yeah and i just thinking about it like sam has been out for close to 15 months. That is pretty wild. Time goes by fast, especially being in the singles ward, its weird because there are tons of return missionaries telling me how quick it goes, and then they talk about what its like to come home and stuff, and its like freak i dont want to hear about this i still have a year. I am not trunky yet. just to let you know.
The work here has been a little slow, in the two wards we have no investigators. We actually did get an old investigator that came though to an activity on saturday. He is pretty cool, we had a barbaque and he was just chatting with everybody and he felt really comfortable, he was supposed to come to church yesterday but something came up, but he is going to institute tomorrow which is cool. On saturday we also had zone leader council, and it was weird because this is probably going to be the last time i see president ely, but i am excited to meet pres toombs, he comes in july 1st.
This week president Ely has been having some trouble with some dumb missionaries. Two of which are in my zone. There was a missionary that is from mexico and he doesn't even have a licence and he was spotted by a member driving the car. So president is praying right now and we will find out today if both of them are being sent home. The bad thing about it is, one of them is supposed to go home in two weeks anyways, but still could go home early and the other one has been out 20 months. So yeah i might have to deal with that.
So tomorrow for my birthday i don't think i am going to do anything overly fancy, The Olsons, were actually going to come up here and take me out to dinner and stuff, but his work called him to go to Wyoming from monday to wednesday, so yeah thats not happening, so i'm just going to have a random family that i've never met feed me and not really celebrate it, its all good cause its not like i need cake, cause i get ice cream every day anyways.
Pickle balll is legit, we are probably going to play more today, its like a wiffle ball the size of a baseball, and a short net and a wooden paddle a little bigger then ping pong paddles. and its basically like tennis but different cause its not as faced paced because the wiffle ball, so its more about like angles and stuff, its way fun you should look at it on youtube or something.
anyways, thats about all i got to say for this week , love ya guys, hope you have a good week, let me know whats new and fresh.

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