mis-sion-ary (noun): someone who leaves their family for a short time so that others may live with their families for Eternity.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Dear mummy haha
I want to start off by saying that I cant believe that I wrote you those letters haha I actually do kind of remember writing that first one, i think that was like a couple months ago now right? haha. haha don't be mad that you don't know how to talk about the jazz its ok. haha no i am just kidding you should seriously keep telling me about the jazz because derek doesn't send me the emails every week. cause he is a squeeg? haha random thing that my comp always says.
Ok so... heres the scoop of what is happening as of late.
So you are now another Grandmother because I have a son... haha if your not freaking out by now, i'll tell you that having a son is lingo for training a greenie missionary. My new companion is Elder Shepard, he is from St george Utah. Its pretty crazy, I was at the trainers meeting today, and i can remember just seven months ago when i was there and I was the baby. Time is seriously flying by right now. I still don't feel like I am old in the mission at all but whether i think it or not i still am. I am still in the east lake ward and the only thing different now is that i have a car. So now i am driving around in a car with my new greenie and it is pretty cool.
OK so if your not proud of me yet haha there is still more info. I am also a District leader. hahaha crazy right?! I also have the biggest district in the zone. I have 10 missionaries in it so yeah i feel a little bit inadequate right now but i know that i just need to keep being myself and love the people in my district. Elder Goesch is going to Brighton ward so he will be in my district still which will be really cool because he will still be in my D to go on exchanges with. Guess who else in in my district... Elder AAmodt is now in my district. haha. CRAZZZZY stuff huh?!
I Can assume right now that your bawling because you are so proud of me haha but don't worry i will be alright.
As far as the ward goes, Brandy Adams will be baptized by her husband on the 5th of March,he is going to get the priesthood this saturday so hopefully all will go well and we will be having a bapt in march. She is solid though, she got to go to relief society for the first time and she loved it.
So remember cameron burris and renee alvarez that i baptized back in arvada? They called me the other day and both of them had their first talk in church on Sunday. I guess cameron was saying that he had a ton of missionaries before me and none of them really did anything for him but then when i came along he said everything just clicked and I was the right missionary for him.
It was really awesome and it makes me feel way good to hear that. I am definately seeing the fruits of my labors right now. And i hope and pray that they will only continue and i will get to bless more and more lives.
I did get your package but i haven't opened it yet so thankyou for whatever is inside of it. I have to get out and get going with my greenie, we are going to dinner with a cool member and they are going to all be wearing green and all our food is going to be green haha I"M A DADDY!! and i gotta do something right?
ANWAYS, i love the mish still i love the Elders in this mission they are awesome, and I hope that i can be a good leader to them. I love you guys and hope that you have a great week, I will talk to you later. Pray for me as i do for you. HUnter is too awesome and I miss him too as i miss all you guys. BUT i am on the Lords errand and there is no place that i would rather be. TAKE CARE

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