mis-sion-ary (noun): someone who leaves their family for a short time so that others may live with their families for Eternity.

Monday, March 14, 2011


From Denver Colorado, Elder gnehm
Yeah i'm going to be honest, that is preddy ridiculous that both of them passed away in the last 2 and a half weeks.
When I got the phone call from President Ely, i did not expect that at all. I thought for sure that he was calling about coming to one of my district meetings or something, and then when i said hello president, he just sighed and said I have more bad news for you. I was like oh my goodness are you kidding me. Then he told me and I was completely shocked. We always talked about how Grandpa Bill would probably pass away before I got home but we never really talked about Grandpa ray. It doesn't come with much of a surprise though, because he hasn't done too well for a long time. But still I didn't expect that. And i definately did not expect that they would both pass away within 2 and a half weeks of each other!!
How are you and dad doing? I am doing fine. But i was really worried about you two when i got the phone call. i was going to call president again and ask for permission to call home to see how you guys were doing. I went to a members house after it happened and he pulled out his phone and said give me your phone number because you are calling your parents right now. I didn't think you would much like it though if i called you without permission from my mission president. So i didn't. At least I get to talk to you guys in 2 more months. MOthers Day is coming up at the end of the next transfer.
That is awesome that you had a prompting though and you listened and heeded to it. That is such a cool experience to have him be able to say your name and to talk to you for a little bit and then after that he didn't say much. He definately was appreciative of your phone call and for you to be able to let him know your love for him before he passed is amazing. That is good though that most of dad's side of the family all have the knowledge of the gospel, so hopefully they all aren't having too hard of a time with this. But that is awesome that alicia and gordon have been going to church and now Cindy is going to go with grandma sometimes.That is definately a great thing. Unfortuantely it takes some people to be humbled and to find their faith through a death or through struggles but this is definately the perfect opporutnity for them to come back and to rebuld their testimonies. I was just thinking about Grandma Pauline, and how she really needs to be going to church right now. Especially if all this is true and if families really can be together forever, i'm sure that grandpa right now wants nothing more than for grandma to be going to church!
Anyways, on a more brighter subject. Those pictures of the tennis players were awesome. So you actually got to see Federer and Nadal and Blake play? They all went to this tiny california tournament? We are playing tennis today actually and I haven't played in a long time so i am pretty darn excited. I showed the pictures to some other missionaries and we all called who of those people in the pictures we are going to be today. I called the guy with the huge dreadlocks because he looks like a boss and another missionary called to be blake because well he is african american. haha. Anywhosers yeah I should probably get going. I hope that everyone in the family is doing well, I will definately continue to pray for all of them that they can be strengthened in their testimonies and open their eyes to the blessings of the gospel. Don't ask about my companion. HOpefully their will only be two more weeks. Anyways, I love you and i will send you some pictures on another email!

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