mis-sion-ary (noun): someone who leaves their family for a short time so that others may live with their families for Eternity.

Monday, January 10, 2011


That is so crazy about charlies mom. That is really sad I wrote charlie just a minute ago and gave him some sympathy and stuff. Hopefully she will be fine. How long until she should be fully recovered? have you and dad been snowmoniling at all this winter. I want to go so bad. but oh well only a few more months. more than a few but whatever. haha thats funny that hunter got a ton a free tickets, what did you buy with those tickets. You could get a bb gun with 600 tickets. I never did get that picture of hunter so you might have to send it again.. I got the picture of those elk in wyoming. Holy cow, that is absolutely crazy. I almost wish that i was in wyoming just for that reason. But at the same time i want nothing less than to go to laramie in the winter.
We didn't set brandy for baptism haha i told my companion that i wanted him to do it beacuse he hasn't ever set anyone. SO while we were in the lesson we had a really spiritual part and i nudged my companion to make the commitment and he waited like 10 seconds so they started talking about something completely different so we never did ask her. But we have an appointment with her on wednesday so hopefully we will do it then. They have been reading the book of mormon almost every day and they are golden. So i definately think she will be dunked. We made some progress with another investigator also. She knows that the BOM is true but she doesn'tthink the church is true, which makes no sense because she has never been and is scared to go. But her husband is less active so we think that if we get him to church she will follow. SO yesterday we went to breakfast with them and the husband went to church with us, so hopefully next week she will follow. We also have another investigator that we are teaching andwe haven't seen him since before christmas so hopefuly he has been reading and stuff.
Did you ever get that picture from that lady in my ward. I told her to send another one that we took so i hope that this one got to you. It snowed yesterday about 6 inches. It was actually quite a bit. Our zone leaders wanted us to come in but we kept working because i didn't think that it was that bad. I think that it snows a lot harder in utah. The snow hear is like more flaky and so it doesn't even bother me at all when i am walking. and that jacket that i bought keeps me pretty warm so i don't usually get to cold unless the wind blows, then i'm freezing. I need to buy gloves though. yes we are still on bikes/ walking. We walk usually because the roads are too slippery for bike. ..
Oh yeah so i forgot to tell you guys but for some reason lately i was thinking that i want to be a physical therapist, so you should find out what i have to do to be an awesome pt!
We have been teaching a lot of our members about every member being a missionary because we want referrals and don't want to tract. But unfortantely we don't ever recieve referrals from emembers. But we will keep looking for more and more people to teach and share the gospel with.
Anyways i gotta run. I love you hope that you have a great week!send me some more pics! LOVE ELDER GNEHM

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