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Wednesday, January 5, 2011


My District

whatsgoin on? Just to let you know, i did not get transfered, Elder Goesch and I are still together in East lake. Our entire district is the exact same except for one person. Haha so this next 6 weeks is going to be completely the same as the last 6. Which isn't bad in any way. My new years was alright, nothing special, we had dinner at 5 and we had to be in at 7 so we just watched the Joseph Smith movie and the mountain of the Lord and legacy. mountain of the lord is actually really cool because the things that they had to go through to build the salt lake temple were crazy. You guys should watch that one, it is on the same DVD as the Joseph Smith movie.
Is it pretty chilly willy in utah right now? Friday the high here was 10 degrees and when we were walking at night it was about 5 below. So yeah needless to say my hands were freezing, but it is the rockies. (you've been wearing two pairs of gloves this entire time, yeah its the rockies) haha. classic, and I can say that because i'm there. On thursday it snowed about 7 inches and it was miserable but now it is warming up to about 40 degrees and the snow is almost melted away now.
I wish that i could go to the temple so bad, i havent been in 5 months, and we had a lesson in elders quorum about attending the temple often, and we can't because we can only go once every 6 months, so its a bummer. But luckily I get another temple trip in february so i'll go then.
No your not the only mom that cries when you talk on the phone but it doesn't make it right. My comps family didn't shed a single tear, next phone call i want it to be dry.
NO that picture of me and my comp isn't the one that the Johnsons were going to send. I didn't see her at church so i couldn't ask her but i will try to call her this week or go over there sometime. This picture is when we were at christmas breakfast at the carlson. My companion is about an inch taller than me and about 70 pounds more than me. haha he is a big boy.
As far as our investigators go, we haven't really been able to meet with them over the last week because of the holidays but we did have one of our investigators come to church and her husband is a less active who is starting to come back as well and he bought her the standard works for christmas with her name on it so that is really cool, they are pretty gung ho. We are hopefully going to set her with a baptismal date this week so pray especially hard for me and her name is brandy adams.
So get this yesterday we were eating dinner at the ward mission leaders house their name is the powers. And sister powers mom and dad were there and so i was like like hi i'm elder Gnehm. And she's like oh you have family in Wellsville don't you. I was like haha uh yeah. So apparently she is Susan Gnehm's Aunt. I think her name was Dorothy Smith but that might be completely wrong. But still i think that is a pretty cool thing and a small world. haha so me and Sister Powers are somewhat related which is pretty cool, they are one of my favorite families in the ward. So you might have to ask Susan if she knows her, she lives in loveland colorado.
I did get tyler and jess' package, I got some denver slippers, some christmas lights, a thing that hunter painted and a tie. It was pretty nice.
I guess i will talk a little bit about the joseph Smith movie as my spiritual message. So we watched that movie last week and it really is crazy all the persecution and the trials that they had to go through. The strength and the faith that the pioneers and saints must have had is ridiculous becase they were able to push through their afflictions. One of my new favorite scriptures scomes from doctrine and convenants when Joseph Smith is in liberty Jail and he has been in their for a while now and he just says O God who long shall thy hand be stayed, because of all the evil that is happening against the saints. And the scripture that i love says something like, my son, peace be unto thy soul, thine adversity and thine afflictions shall be but a small moment, and if thou shall endure it well, God will exalt thee on high. And it makes me think of when things are going really tough, that you just want to give up and quit but God promises that if you endure these trials that you will be exalted. So it just makes me think of sin and instant joy is way less important than having eternal happiness and joy.
Anyways I hope that you have a good week i'll be looking forward to your package. LOVE YOU

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