mis-sion-ary (noun): someone who leaves their family for a short time so that others may live with their families for Eternity.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Hey, i still haven't gotten the package, so hopefully i will get it sometime this week. The people in the mail office are really old and they are new, so they are kinda slow with mail, so who knows if i will ever get it. No i definately don't need candy, we have way too much to eat, something that i have gotten a huge crave from lately is chex mix sweet and salty, thats the good stuff right there. I went yesterday with a couple of missionaries to a vitamin shoppe and they were getting fat burners haha so probably in a couple more months i will really need those, i work out every morning but we get fed so much that its just impossible to lose weight, so its a good thing that i came out skinny.
So i have some good news. brandy is getting baptized on february 5th. It was really awesome. My companion set her for baptism and she was so excited. and then when our member told her that maybe her husband good get the aaronic priesthood and baptize her, her face lit up and she had the biggest smile on her face. It was pretty cool Her husband has been less active for about 14 years though, so hopefully nothing will get in the way of him having the priesthood before then, or she will have to wait,which would be a bummer. But oh well. I'm still excited for a baptism baby!! It will be the first adult convert baptism in two years in this ward. We have been making small progress with our other investigator, she's had missionaries there for about 5 years, so we call her an eternal investigator. But she recently got a testimony of the BOM and her husband who is less active is starting to come back to church, so hopefully now that he is going, she will go with him, because church is the thing she doesn't know about.
That is such a bummer about alicia and gordon though, dang.
Do you want to ask tyler a question for me, ask him if he knew an elder carl goakim Isaksen, isaksen is the last name. But his brother is here in denver, and carl went to the santa rosa mission around the same time tyler was there, so ask him if he knows who he is. Also do you want to get a ton of old pictures of family friends and pics of me and stuff. That you could send to me. By actually prints. Cause i have a photo album and i have like no pics of the family or of the life back at home so could you try to do that for me. I will take as many as you can give me.
It hasn;'t been snowing very much lately, it snows one day but then the next two days it is all melted. Weather in colorado is way different from utah. It will be negative ten one day then the next day its 55. Its good though, cause you get some snow but then it melts and its basically spring in mid january. make sure you let me know where walker gets his call too!
Sorry but its gonna have to be a short letter cause i am emailing on tuesday cause i couldn't yesterday, so i can't spend too long. So i gotta go. I love you. thanks for the package. have a good week. LOVE ELDER GNEHM

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