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Monday, April 18, 2011


I sent you and Ty and Jess and also the Smiths a easter card, so if you could deliver that to the Smiths that would be awesome.
We made that card and it was my idea. yeah thats right, i like taking pictures now too. don't judge me. Easter is going to be super legit. We have Elder Perry coming and talking to the stake for stake conference. I'm way excited to be able to see him speak, i think the topic will be on missionary work. haha so hopefully he condemns people and tells them to give us some member referrals! Thats cool that you had a speaker come and talk about it in the ward. So yeah we had our 40 day fast, ad it seems like some people were making efforts to share the gospel, but all the people that they were sharing it with was their coworkers, which is good but not good for us because they don't live in our area. So hopefully an apostle can tell them to start doing it, if missionaries and the bishopric cant. Yeah i'm gonna be honest, i am getting pretty trunky from this ward. I'm not going disobedient or anything but it seems like every day is the same thing. We knock on doors and they aren't home, and our investigators listen, seem like they feel the spirit super strong when we teach them, but they don't keep their commitments. Its really starting to make me mad. So yeah we will see, transfers are on may 9 so yeah when i talk to you on mothers day i will know where i am going by then.
For easter we are going to a familys house to eat. They feed us for every holiday. I think that we are going to go there for a while, make a stop at the olsons, and probably our ward mission leaders house too. I don't think that we have any easter egg hunts or anything like that planned. It would be pretty cool if we did, but i don't think our ward is even doing an easter activity. As far as pictures go, i just want immediate family pictures. maybe some more tennis pictures or something, i dont know, whatever you can find, the more the better. Also, do you think that you could send me some more shirts in my easter package. Some nicer t shirts that i could wear on p day. maybe just two. just look in my room and pick some good ones, i trust you. maybe an ezekial or element or volcom one.
SO i'm getting 315 bucks back! is that good? haha i don't know if that is a lot to get back for how much i have or not. But cool, i am going on a shopping spree. haha i have been definately making an effort this month to save my money, i have only gone out to eat once and that was at wendys and i got a small frost and a 99 cent chipotle chicken sandwhich. which is bomb by the way.
That is exciting that Derek is done with weber state. You'll have to email some pictures of the graduation. I bet he is excited, and he has a job too! thats way cool, it sounds like he is definately being blessed right now.
So yeah i did play some tennis this morning, us and the zone leaders are going to start playing tennis in the mornings for our excersize, so we are going to start waking up early at 6:00 and play tennis before studies. its supposed to rain a lot this next week for us to from what i hear. Yeah i'm not excited for it either cause i wanna play tennis bad. I played this morning, and i definately am a little rusty, but i'll just blame it on a bad racket.
So anyways, we helped teach primary again this sunday. We were narrators while the kids stood up in the front and held up the pictures. The story was a lot about the death of christ and the ressurrection, and him coming and visiting the americas. and as we were reading, the spirit was the strongest that i've ever felt in sunday school. It was more strong then i've felt it in gospel principles. ALl the women in the room starting bawling, because that is just what girls do. and even i was like on the verge of tears because the spirit was testifying of what we were saying was true. It was a really sweet spiritual experience. and it just goes to show that even the spirit can be in the primary room too.
Well anyways, i gotta get running. have a great easter! i love you guys, be safe, do good, give you ward referrals. LOVE YA! ELDer gnEHM

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