mis-sion-ary (noun): someone who leaves their family for a short time so that others may live with their families for Eternity.

Monday, April 25, 2011


Its your boy Elder Gnehm
Easter was way legit. It was fun. So on saturday we had a noon dinner to celebrate it with a family, and we roasted marshmellows and hot dogs outside, while it was practically snowing by the way. And yeah i smelled like smoke the rest of the day and I saw my mission president at the easter program and he probably thinks that I have a word of wisdom problem. haha
On saturday and sunday we got to see Elder Perry speak, i got to shake his hand and i asked him if he remembered me from the jazz game last year haha he just laughed and said no. then he told all the missionaries that they better be teaching 20 lessons. Yikes. not really happening right now. trying though. There were some really good talks. And i thought i would never say it but a sister gave the best talk, she was the primary president of the stake, like jess. It was super good though. Elder perry was just talking a lot about how the world has changed and how to stay away from modern things and stuff like that. It was good. Then after all that spiritual goodness, we went and had lunch at a members, and i don't think i have ever eaten so much food in my life. It was soo good though. And then we played the game sorry for like a half hour, then we went to the olsons and ate even more food. I'm going to be a balloon, i am telling you. We are definately getting insanity when i get home. speaking of insanity i ate some of that on a burrito and we did a challenge with a couple other Elders, cause yeah we are dumb like that, and i was crying and my stomache killed, but it was totally worth it. But yeah it was a realy fun easter.
That is cool about derek's gradutation, i emailed him and said congrats. and just to let you know, you really don't have to cry all the time, its not that hard, i cry when i eat insanity but you don't have to cry to think about talking to me. But i am pretty excited to talk to all you guys. See whats up with the fam, and whatnot. Let me know how derek's new job goes for him and everything, HOpefully all starts going well with him. Oh i showed the olsons, all my pictures that i have, and they said they you and jess look way alike and they said that you guys are super cute, so good job mom. haha.
Don't worry about the missionary mall thing, but i still want it so hopefully next week, this week has been pretty cold, so i haven't really been wearing my short sleeve that much anyways. I still haven't gotten an email from steves parents. but yeah i think that his p day is monday so you might get an email back from him today.
Anyways, transfers are almost here, and i am pretty stoked. So yeah i will definately let you know about where i am headed or if i'm staying (heaven forbid). So yeah i'll let you know because we find out on mothers day so i will just tell you in person.
Well i gotta run so hope all is well with you and the family, so i will talk to all yall soon, love ya, have a good week.

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