mis-sion-ary (noun): someone who leaves their family for a short time so that others may live with their families for Eternity.

Monday, April 4, 2011


Hey There
ok first of all i want to defend myself with jess' letter. So that took me at least the entire P'day or more to read that letter, and there was no way that i had the time to write back after that! Her letter was ginormous, I'll try to get to it someday. haha just playing i will do if ater i write you. I'm trying to write you first so that i actually get time. But yeah i thought you didn't write me and that you were just gonna give up on writing every week. It just sounds like something you would do..NOT!
haha yep i am still with my greenie for at least another 5 weeks. haha so get this i was at the Olsons house (that is where we watched General COnference on Saturday) and they were asking him about his family and everything. And Sis olson asked about his brother and Elder shepard said, oh we are nothing alike, i am way more outgoing and more talkitive then my brother. She's like wait...Your the talkative one in the family..haha i busted out laughing. She's like don't feel intimidated by your companion, you don't have to be afraid. haha. i love that family.. But my companion is getting a little bit better at talking to other people. He doesn't like to talk on the phone though! He yelled at me because i told him to make some phone calls. He says he hates talking on it. I told him that he's going to have to get used to talking to people on the phone because thats what he will be doing for the next 20 months. But when he talks on the phone you can just tell that he is so nervous and he is like walking around and tries to get off of it as fast as possible. So yeah he definately still needs some work. But oh well, i will keep helping him. ..Reasons like that is why Utah isn't the greatest. Some people are WAAAY to sheltered.
Anyways, General Conference was bomb. it was way cool to watch it, we watched the first day with the olsons like i said and the second day we watched with the powers. We have some investigators that are going to try to listen to if this week because they couldn't do it on sunday. i sure hope that this gets people to be more missionary minded. haha i don't know what else we can do if they don't listen to an apostle. But we have definately seen some good come out of this 40 day fast that the ward has been doing. This week we got two new investigators. One we were walking and this lady told us to come over here and talk about the mormon church, we thought she was going to bible bash but suprisingly she didn't and she was pretty interested because she does a lot of work with people in Utah. We got another investigator by a headquarter church referral, and this guy is pretty legit. He met with missionaries before, and he stopped and realized the blessings that came from meeting with the missionaries. The only thing we are struggling with him right now is he needs to receive his answer, and he needs to stop drinking. He says that he is an alcoholic. He also is meeting with us behind his wifes back because she is very against the church. So yeah all that good jazz. Our other investigators are ...one is 15 and she likes church but when we try to teach her, her mom is absolutely crazzzzzy, and she interrupts and screws everything up so we are going to start meeting her at another place. Another investigator is someone that missionaries have taught for 5 years and she really hasn't progressed that much.. I am sick of it and i just want to quit going over there because it is pretty much a waste of our time because she never reads or prays. Another investigator just got divorced and turned to God with all of it and it was around the time that we came over, he is super legit and he just needs to receive his answer and i think that he will defiantely get bapt. So yep thats our investigators. We work a ton with going over to less actives house as well.
As far as GC went, my favorite talk was probably elder oaks on desire, and the story that he gave of the guy that was
trapped by the rock for 5 days and was ready to give up then he had that vision of him picking up a kid with his left hand
so he broke both of his bones in his arms and he cut off his arm. haha i just like that because thats not a normal story
that you would get out of conference. that is legit! haha and the desire he had to want to have a family and everything.
That was a way good talk. I also like the talked with the 70 that talked about the difference of to be and to do. That was way
cool because its a testimony builder of becoming more like christ and having his attributes and that faith is nothing without works.
SO yeah I loved general conference. I like it a lotttt more than i did before my mission that is for sure. haha.
Anways i gotta get running, I hope that you are having a good week and that everything is going well. Maybe if you want to send a little money this way for dry cleaning that would be fantastic. All my clothes are super filthy. and its gonna be pretty dang expensive. Anyways, i love ya and pray for you. LOVE ELDER GNEHM

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