mis-sion-ary (noun): someone who leaves their family for a short time so that others may live with their families for Eternity.

Monday, April 11, 2011


haha suckers in utah. It has been mid 60's sunny all week. We are playing volleyball and tennis outside today. It hasn't snowed for a little bit. We were watching conference and we saw the snow there and we were laughing and then the next day it was snowing hard here. dang mountains, stop that snow!!
Hey while you are sending an easter package, do you want to send me some more pics of the family again, that would be super cool, because I need more pics of before the mission so i can look at them and share it with peeople. I'm pretty excited for easter!
We have stake conference on easter sunday and elder Perry is coming to our conference and talking. I'm way excited, i'm gonna ask if he remembers me from the jazz game when i asked him about the colorado denver north mission. I guarantee he remembers me, we're basically best friends. haha.
Thats super good that ty didn't have anything too bad. So do you remember my crazy back aches that would just happen randomly? yeah i got that the other day while i was at the olsons, and i tried jumping through a moving hoola hoop, not a good idea by the way. haha my back was killing me for a little bit, but now its not too bad.
So to answer your questions about if its going fast or slow. . It feels like its going by slow and fast at the same time, weeks go by so slow but then i think of it being april and being out for 9 months already and that is just crazy. Time is going a little slow right now though and i am getting a little bit tired of this ward, not gonna lie. I feel like i've visited everyone soo much that they are probably all sick of me. 6 months in one ward is a little bit long. We have district meeting every week, did i tell you that President Ely walked into one of my district meetings and he listened to my whole training. haha when he walked in i was like craaaaap. haha but it went really well, i wasn't all that nervous because i've trained in front of him so many times now that it doesn't really phase me. Our district is a pretty hard district, this ward and thornton ward are super hard, but brighton ward which is where elder goesch went after, had a ton of work and they have a baptism next week so i have a baptism interview that i have coming up this week. Elder aamodt got transferred to arvada so i don't see him anymore. But i still talk to him every once and a while.
I am glad that you sent some pics of hunter and bode cause i was just thinking last night that i havent seen a picture in them in a while and i was wondering how big they were getting. So does bode have brown hair or is it a little bit red? Haha that is hilarious that Hunter is doing swim lessons right now. That just seems so young to do it. But he looks like a stud in the water.
Um steves address? haha i still don't have his mexico address, i will definately get it by next week!
So spiritual experiences... hmm. I can't think of any that are mind blowing right now. except for the reality of the spirit and the feelings. Last week we were having a really bad day and it was just getting ridiculous and so i decided that i would read the Book of Mormon and as i started reading it, almost immediately i felt completely different, i didn't feel discouraged, i felt warm and i could feel the spirit strong. It was just awesome the spirit that i immediately felt as i read the book of mormon, and it amazes me that some people can't feel that as they read the BOM.
SO anyways i gotta run, so if you could send me some pics in the easter package that would be great, don't give me any of those marshmellow ducks peeps are disgusting. Cadburry eggs are good though. So i love you, be safe and I will talk to you all next week. Oh and the reason that i need more money in my card is because i need to take basically all of my pants and suits to the dry cleaners because they smell absolutely awful. So if i could get a little that would be much appreciated. Thanks. Well talk to ya lata. peace

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