mis-sion-ary (noun): someone who leaves their family for a short time so that others may live with their families for Eternity.

Monday, May 2, 2011


Whats crackin? so just to let you know about what is going to be going down on mothers day. We have church until 2, then we are going to be eating at a families house right after, so I think we should be calling around 4 or 5 or something if thats cool. Yeah i am kind of excited to know what is going on with transfers, i'm not even gonna lie. SO we had interviews with president this week and we didn't talk much about the work, because we were talking about the district the whole time. But he talked with my companion and they were talking about this ward. And my comp was just saying how it is a hard ward and how members aren't really helping us, and president was saying yeah i know that this is a really hard ward, and he is thinking about taking missionaries out soon, but not this tranfser i dont think. But he did tell my companion that he seriously reccommend him getting a bike, so that could mean two things. One i'm leaving and the car is leaving so he needs a bike. Or two he is leaving and i'm staying here and getting a new companion. Heres hoping that its number 1. But oh well i guess we will find out in like 5 days. But yeah i'm pretty stoked to talk to you guys too, its gonna be pretty cool. I guess theres not much to talk about with this ward, because i've been here so long and not much progress has been happening so hopefully you guys have stuff to talk about.
Thats legit that you wrote steve, yeah we just write each other little emails every week because letters would take way to much time. That is cool about dave lloyd because he went on his mission like a hundred years ago so that is pretty cool that he can still keep in contact with some of those families. There are definately going to be so people that i would like to keep in contact with. i think the powers cause we are related, The olsons are one of them. Its going to be bitter sweet to leave this area, because i've been here so long that some people i just feel like we are family, but at the same time the work here is terrible so i want to leave it really bad. So it will be hard kinda but it will be good. So yeah same thing here our investigators are not really progressing, a lot of them are kind of avoiding us right now too, and its kinda frustrating. We are lucky to even teach our investigators in the week, the rest of the week we are just visiting less actives and stuff, its a little annoying. Oh well, i'll just have to suck it up and trust in the lord that i am here for a reason.
So yesterday was fast and tesimony meeting and i basically gave a farewell talk, haha i was like, i've had the priveledge to serve in this ward for 5 and a half months, and its been awesome thankyou, i don't know how much longer i'll be here. haha people were like wooh are you leaving, i'm like haha i dunno. but it wass good i talked about youth going on missions, and told the ward to strengthen their testimonies and to share it with others. I'f i do stay in this ward another transfer i'm just going to start being super bold with the members to have them help the missionaries. because it is a little hard when the ward isn't helping to find us people to teach or anything.
Tell walker i said good luck, that seems like its come up so fast since you told me that he got his call, time is flying by. Soon i'm gonna be home and i'll look back and think that these two years were just a blurr.
Anyways, i'll talk to you guys on sunday, around 3-6 or something like that. k cool , have a good week, love ya!

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