mis-sion-ary (noun): someone who leaves their family for a short time so that others may live with their families for Eternity.

Monday, May 16, 2011


ok. i'll start of by answering your essay.
1.We are in the singles ward, so we actually cover loveland, longmont, some of fort collins and a town that we live in called berthoud. Yeah its a huge area, we drive more than 60 miles every day. And we cover the berthoud ward as well. haha that is such a weird little city, and that is where its mostly huge nothings full of open space. the ward their is super old too, and they haven't had a baptism in that ward for over 3 years. haha, so yeah i got another area with not too much going on.
But yesterday in the singles ward we had a baptism, so i walked into a baptism there. The singles ward is usually pretty slow too, now that she just got baptized we have a total of 2 investigators in both wards combined, and we don't see them too often. So yeah looks like i will have another hard area, i'm starting to get used to it cause i don't know what a good area feels like.
The cool thing about having such a big area though is that we have longmont, and we can go to estes park. Everyone tells us that its way cool there, and its fun to hike and mountain bike. Its also the place where the hotel is in the movie the shining, so thats pretty cool i guess. I think we are going to try to get hiking and stuff next week since today isn't too warm outside. haha that was a long answer
2. We are living in a house in the small town of berthoud. We live with old service missionaries that work at the cannery. We don't see them too often and we have our own basement so it is kinda nice.. oh wanna hear something funny, so in my last area the people that we lived with were kinda crazy, that would do magic with terrot cards and they would....have "intimate times" at weird times of the day and we would always hear it and stuff...and after i left my last companion told the ward mission leader about all this so they are leaving that house today and if they can't find another house to live in they are going to be emergancy transfered. haha. yeah that was kinda funny i thought.
3.My new companion is awesome. He is a hard working but fun missionary. Unforutunately i didn't bring my camera today so i can't send pictures, but we have had two people from the ward that have told us that we could be brothers or cousins cause we look pretty similiar. i dont really see it but what do i know.
4. Being a zone leader is alright. Yeah there are definately much more responsibilites. We have conference calls to make p days, we have 4 trainings to give just next week. And i'm still a district leader which means i have to go on all those exchanges, and get numbers from people at the end of the week, so yeah its a lot to do, but it keeeps me busy which is good,.. i guess. A lot more meetings to go to too.. and its super boring.
5. So the wards. I like the singles ward, people their are different, and i don't know if i even want to go to a singles ward when i get home, but its pretty fun cause some people are really cool and its cool to be with people my age. The berthoud ward is just a bunch of old people, the best thing about that is they feed us the good meals because the singles ward isn't too good at feeding us.
hopefully those answered sufficed to what you wanted to hear.
Nice job of trying to be a missionary. Some guy came yesterday for the baptism and he was from fruit heights and he was telling me about how hard it is to be a missionary in Utah because everyone is already mormon and its frustrating him that he can't be more of a help.
Hey you never wrote me back about those shoes. cause i really want to get some other shoes, mostly because these ones hurt my foot when i played today, and maybe they wont hurt dereks. so yeah please don't ignore this and let me know!!
anywhosers i gotta run, but i hope that you guys are doing good, and that all is well in zion. hope that you have a good week, i gotta go make a conference call to president. so love ya bye!

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