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Monday, May 23, 2011


whats goin on! you asked if i'm getting used to the new responsibilities that i have. haha
well let me just fill you on for what i had to do this last week. So tuesday i had to go on exchanges with a companionship in the district. Wednesday i had to go on exchanges with one of the AP's. Thursday we had leadership training from 9 to 4, i had to give a training in that. And we role played for half the time.. really boring. friday we had breakfast with the stake president and we had to give a training for the zone. Saturday was like the only day off from to ZL things. And Sunday, was the longest day. 5 different half hour meetings 2 sacrament meetings, we were at the church from 830 to 3. oh
and also i gave a talk in both of the wards that i serve in. Different topics too. haha, pretty crazy week eh? yep. i'd say so. Luckily this next week shouldn't be too busy, we have an exchange to go on, and we have zone conference and me and elder smith do have to give a 55 minute training to the zone. That is forever long. So yeah Zone Leader life is a hassle, but it keeps me busy and the time is going by super fast which is good i guess.
That is pretty crazy that dad is still the bishop, i thought that he would be released for sure. Maybe he will just be in for another five years, our stake president has been in for 10 years now. Its cool his name is president Garrett and he actually grew up in kaysville. YOu know that house that is by the Barnes bank, that is by itself and is like an antique store, across the street from where i got my braces. Yeah thats the house that he grew up in. haha in my talk in church i said that i was from kaysville utah and he was there. So after sacrament he comes up to me singing, "Dear old Davis High SChool" haha the fight song. It was pretty funny because he is super old. I get to meet with him every Sunday down in Fort Collins, and it is awesome to be able to be around the stake president and just see how he works and how much he loves the missionaries.
So yeah as far as the work goes this week, we didn't have to much happen, we didn't meet with any investigators, because we don't really have any. But we did get two refferals last week so hopefuly we can see them, one of them is supposed to be pretty golden. so i'll pray for that. That is definately the Lord blessing us though, because he knows that we are trying to work hard, and we are receiving refferals right now because our tracting isn't really doing to much. The berthoud ward that i serve in is such a weird little place. haha they are all old and their sacrament meetings are pretty much a joke, at the pulpit they will like say a joke and then people will just yell out random comments. haha its a weird place.
SO yeah that is cool about the shoes, but yeah i still think that i would want to send these ones to either derek or tyler beacuse during transfers i dont' want to be carrying around a million pair of shoes. So yeah if you could send me the money, i could send these shoes home and you could give them to derek, they don't hurt my feet anymore, i think i just needed to break them in but now that i know there are cooler nike shoes, that are better, yeah i really kinda want those. Yeah i totally forgot that my birthday was even coming up, i would have no idea what else i would want. i don't really need anything. The only other thing would be if i get with a companion that doesn't have a gps. My comp does right now and we definately need it because we cover such a huge area. But if i got with a different one that didn't have one i would definately need to get one.
SO i gotta get running, but i'll give a tiny spiritual thought that i gave in one of my talks yesterday. SO i talked on the blessings of missionary service in the singles ward, in the berthoud ward i talked about plan of salvation and related it to jerry sloan having a plan for the team just like heavenly father has a plan for us. haha it actually turned out well ok! but the other one i read a talk from the new conference ensign from Elder Ballard about the pieces of gold. I want you to read that for FHE or something k! and the point was small and simple things is how we reach salvation, and i just told the people that they think its hard to get people baptized but thats not what they have to do they just have to do small things like invite them, and bear their testimony.
So yeah thats what i talked about. Anyways i love you guys, i totally forgot my camera again this week, so hopefully next week.. Love you bye.

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