mis-sion-ary (noun): someone who leaves their family for a short time so that others may live with their families for Eternity.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011


That is pretty sad about everyone getting together to be around the graves and everything, i dont think that i would have really
wanted to do that if i was there because it would be sad. but yeah, that is cool that the family got back together, maybe they
can remember about the plan of salvation.
FOr my memorial day we didn't do too much, we just went to a old families house and played pickle ball and horseshoes, which i am totally
amazing at by the way, not to brag or anything but i'm the most humble person i know. We had some awesome food though. tell dad
that i had grilled pineapple just to make him jealous and make one of those sounds that homer simpson makes when something is good.
Yeah we have had rain a ton this week too, its been like washington, always cloudy and raining a ton and i'm sick of it.
but i guess for the next two days its supposed to be in the 70s and 80s, so i am kinda excited for that.
Yeah i've heard about that book of mormon thing from south park. it sounds pretty lame. One of my roomates in college watched south park
a lot and it is not a good show at all. And yeah they are just stupid because they have nothing better to do than make musicals and things
about anti mormon stuff.. yeah that doesn't suprise me at all though that parker and pierce have watched it. That is just pretty stupid about
parker, he is just a pretty lazy kid in general and so with laziness satan will get you even harder beacuse you are being idle and there are
plenty more opportunities to do bad things when you aren't doing anything. that kid just needs to get out of the house. and just for the
record, being on my mission and looking at people that play video games all day is freaking annoying to see people like that. I know that i
played quite a bit but yeah when i get home i'm definately not going to be a couch potato. haha just yesterday we taught two kids and all
they wanted to talk about was halo and i was just like cool, i couldn't care less about that but i had to act interested to get them to like us.
yeah some people are weird. Being in the singles ward at least gives me examples of how i don't want to be when i get home from my mission.
I don't think i will even go to a singles ward at home because they do some weird activities. but who knows, we will see how awkward i am
after my mission.
Oh yeah those refferrals that i was telling you about, yeah she was actually moving like a week later so we never did get to teach her, she is
going to be in boulder so those missionaries are lucky. Zone conference was really good, president and sister ely were just giving their goodbyes
basically the whole time so it was pretty weird and it was like a long farewell and i was tired from sitting down for like 7 hours straight. Me and elder
smith gave a training to the zone that day for like 55 minutes. I have given so many trainings lately that it isn't even funny. But i think that i have
gotten pretty tight with a lot of the missionaries in the zone which is good because i can just tell them what they are doing wrong as a person and not
as a leader that has to do it. The day after our zone conference, we went to another zones zone conference and we did the vehicle expection, and
we were just going through checking tire pressures and oil and stuff like that and I gave out the clean car award to the people in the other zone.
It was a lot of fun, it seems like as a zone leader we are constantly just doing things either teaching people or doing things for the zone. which is good
and i like it.
Yeah i'm actually writing back in forth with derek right now. Yeah i went to like 1st through 9th grade with that girl, she is really nice, i like her, she is a cool girl. i am actually pretty excited to see what happens with the two of them. lets hope for the best.
anyways, i gotta run, i do have my camera so i will give you some pictures. hope that you guys have a good week, love ya bye.

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